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PDF has been widely used for different purposes. It helps many people to manage and organize their electronic files and documents effectively and efficiently. Different industries have been dealing with their paperwork in a stress-free way due to the use of pdf. It even gives comfort and convenience to people owning a business in managing their various files.

PDF technology has a wide range of use and purpose. It has different pdf standards that respond to your particular needs in a file or document. Every time you save or convert a raw document to a pdf format, you have to choose one standard for that file according to its use. Take a look at this one pdf standard to see its use and what you’ll benefit from it for your file.

Accessibility and Convertibility

PDF/A is one of the pdf standards that has been widely used by many people. Just like the typical pdf, you can view a document, edit it, and reproduce. You can share different files with other devices to your friends or colleagues. File conversion is also available. You may convert pdf files to any format like Excel, PowerPoint, word, or convert pdf to jpg.

Long-Term Storage

The defining feature of PDF/A is its capability of storing files and documents for a long time. Some small and big companies from different industries have tons of documents that need safekeeping. PDF/A standard has been recommended to be used for long-term storage of these company files, especially those regarded with high confidentiality and importance.

Retains the Quality

Storing files for a long time may have some technical problems to occur in accessing and retrieving them again. Files with encryption, videos, and audios might be hard to open if these are saved in your hard drive for months or years. However, the PDF/A standard is intentionally created for long-term storage.

It preserves the high-quality of the file. If the document contains a digital signature, it retains the visual clarity of the signature. Because of this, the reliability and authenticity of the documents remain intact and safe. Hence, PDF/A provides you with the best legal and document security and safety for long-term archiving.

ISO Standard

PDF/A standard is an ISO standard for meeting the set international requirements needed for long-term electronic file storage. Hence, many people have acknowledged and accepted the high-quality standard of PDF/A in archiving files. Many big industries put confidence in using this standard to guarantee the readability of PDF/A files after storing them for a long time.

Long-Term Validity

The ISO standard committee puts an extension to the current standard in two to four years with possible essential modifications. However, there’s no need to migrate the documents to a new standard with new amendments. The current file in the PDF/A remains the same even after a couple of years since this is the purpose of this standard to any file or document.

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Small File Storage

All files in pdf format don’t usually consume much of your device storage. Even if your files contain videos, images, photos, graphics, and other essential information, the technology can compress these elements to make them small in your files. The PDF/A technology uses a compression system called algorithms to effectively compress files while keeping its high quality and readability.


PDF has been used effectively and efficiently in managing and organizing your files or documents. It continues to help people in dealing with different paperwork with ease and convenience. If you have various files that you want to keep for a couple of years, you should use PDF/A format for security and safety purposes. Keep in mind the use and benefits of using PDF/A discussed above to give you points to remember how this standard works in your file.


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