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Wedding InvitationsCreate Your Wedding Invitations Online with Ready To Use Templates.

With the advancement of technology in weddings, the dynamics in the traditional way of inviting are also changing. Online video invitations are growing popular with every passing day. As we have friends and relatives around the world we are unable to send traditional written invitational cards to them so it’s quite easy to invite them through online video invitation. People are also sharing invitation videos over their social media platforms. The following blog constitutes an informative understanding of online wedding invitations and a series of tips to create them using templates.

What are Online Wedding Invitations?

A wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions of one’s life. With the changing times, wedding invites have also evolved. Online video invitations are paperless invites that are highly cost-effective and people most likely to see.

Benefits of Online Wedding Invitations:

Online invitations help reduce the amount of paper waste and are beneficial to traditional wedding invites. Some such benefits include:

  •  Online invites are cheap and don’t take extensive labour input
  •  Online invites can be easily shared over social media and thereby lessens the physical effort of going to the guests and inviting them personally
  •  Online invites are far more convenient because the guests respond or RSVP much quicker, making party planning easier. Also, RSVP enables the host to conclude an estimated expenditure for the event
  •  There is a wide range of options to choose from and create amazing e-invites or online invitations

Tips to create online wedding invites using templates:

Here, we will share some tips and tricks that will make wedding invitations far more attractive. These are the top 5 tips for creating engaging online wedding invitations using templates.

1. Use the right online invitation maker

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to invitation making tools. One needs to look out for the most suitable and reflect a bit of ‘you’ to make the wedding invitation. Choosing the right online invitation maker is a must.

After deciding on the invitation making tool, follow these simple steps when making wedding invites:

  • Watch tutorials to make the best of the invitation maker
  • Take time to decide on the most suitable template
  • Select the correct pattern for the invite to attract the attention of your guests
  • Strike a balance between the graphics, colours, and typography of the invite
  • Try different templates to determine which one aligns with the wedding’s video the most. It can be a vintage or classic template, a traditional template, a modern template, or even a fusion template.

2. Make use of the white space

The white space of an invite is the blank space without any graphic or picture. It is an important element that balances the tone of the invite and makes it more aesthetic. Hence, it is imperative to give undue attention to the white space.

On the same note, it is encouraged to separate the texts from the graphics on the invite. It holds, irrespective of the format of the invite. Make sure that the texts are visible for the audience to see, which will avoid any confusion.

3.Have a colourful background

Having a colourful background instead of a dull one will readily attract the viewers’ attention. It is more tempting and induces life in the online invite for the wedding. A providential occasion like a wedding demands an attractive colour palate on the wedding invite.

Keeping this in mind will ease the selection process of a suitable template. It is important to make sure that the colour contrast between the background, texts, and graphics is in-tuned. This makes the message much more compelling.

Be sure not to use very bold colours as some might find it off-putting.

4. Make it simple and real

Simplicity has no substitute. In any online wedding invitation, it is essential to maintain simplicity yet be extravagant at the same time. There should be a subtle balance between the two.

Similarly, it is vital to keep the invitation as real as possible since it is more convincing. The template of one’s choice should reflect the kind of person you are or the type of aura you emit. It should convey the message most realistically, yet sustain its charm.

5.Be Creative!

Lastly, the most significant part of the journey is to be creative. Online wedding invites may not have the physical labour inputs like a wedding invitation card, but it is equally meaningful and unique. You can also add the pre-wedding photo to your wedding invitation, for that you must be a professional wedding photographer. The online invite must attract the guests’ attention and compel them to RSVP almost immediately. 


Creating unique online wedding invites is much better than traditional cards. Starting from watching tutorials to selecting the right template to make the invite and sharing it with loved ones, is no less than an experience to cherish. Being creative will add to the joy of the same.

These are eco-friend and cost-effective invites. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will do magic in making the process of creating online wedding invites using templates fun and interesting. Get started on this amazing journey of designing and creating your online wedding invites using templates. 

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