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Bar stools have become a very popular piece in-home designs over the recent years. Traditionally, they were only used for home bars or provided seating around your kitchen island. But, you can use them in a few creative ways to add ease to the functionality of the household. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can enhance your day-to-day activities with bar stools.

When living in a small apartment space, there are few windows that offer that perfect view. Try placing a slim bar height rectangular table in front of the window with a bar stool to create a breakfast nook. It will give you a spot to sip your coffee as you peruse the morning news while taking in the view. The space can also serve as an arts and crafts workbench on those days you’re feeling artsy. 

Bar stools with adjustable heights make wonderful side tables. They provide a cost-effective and unique design element to the space. Place your drink here as you curl up on your sofa to watch a movie. Or keep your reading glasses nearby for those evenings you sit cozily in your accent chair, taking in a good book. 

Need a stand to proudly display your indoor plants? Then use a bar stool. They fit in hallways without obstructing the walkway. Place them in the corners of the room to make it feel more welcoming. They’re also the perfect stand for your bathroom towel or robe. Having the towel or robe within arm’s reach is extremely convenient when stepping out of the shower. 

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When it’s time to choose a bar stool, there are many shapes, sizes, and styles for you to pick from. Backless bar stools are the most popular and can be conveniently stored under counters. But they aren’t the best for long-term sitting. Bar stools with backs provide the comfort and back support needed for longer sitting times.

Arms are another feature to consider when buying a bar stool. They increase the comfort level and are typically an option for bar stools with backs. Swiveling is another characteristic you may want your stool to have. That makes it easy for guests to move away and toward the counter. 

We can’t forget about upholstery. Bar stools can become uncomfortable after sitting in them for long periods. A cushioned seat can help with that aspect while adding color and style to the space. The materials used for the base are also important to the durability of the furniture. It needs to stand up to heavy use, so whether it’s metal, wood, or another option you choose to go with, make sure it meets your household member’s needs.

All in all, bar stools can be a great addition to any design and add a unique and personal vibe to the space, so don’t hesitate to order yours today.

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