Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Ensure Israel's future is strong and secure by donating to Israeli charities

Want to give to Israeli charities but don’t know where to begin? Many Israeli households are in need of food assistance. Humans need food on a daily basis, and food is a basic need. Good nutrition is crucial for children’s development. A well-nourished child develops and learns faster, which allows them to participate more fully in their communities in the future.

An Israeli charity organization, Mir Panim, recognizes the importance of food security and works to protect Israelis from malnutrition, poverty, and hunger. Meir Panim has been providing assistance to Israel’s poorest and most hungry for nearly two decades. If you want to donate to Israeli charities, you can obviously choose us.

What are the benefits of donating to Israeli charities? 

COVID-19 prevention efforts have caused food and money problems for daily wagerers, particularly. Lockdowns and containment measures have hindered food distribution, putting food security at risk for already vulnerable populations.

Approximately 26% of Israeli families were already poor, and around 20% of the population struggled to eat three meals a day before the Coronavirus epidemic. As a result of the Covid-10 debacle and unemployment, this ratio increased from 20% to 29%. Now more than ever, our people need our help.

Are you ready to become a part of this humanitarian work? Considering these factors, let’s move ahead to help Israel’s poor and needy. Your donation is used properly by Meir Panim to help those who deserve it the most.

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