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Live support software is an invaluable addition to your website. It allows you to engage with your customers on another level. The information provided during the chats can be used to improve the level of customer service. For the chat support software to yield the expected results, you need to ensure that customers can spot it.

  • What color is the chat button?

setting of live chat software

The chat button should be prominent so as to attract attention to the visitors on the site. You should however ensure that the color chosen matches the theme of the website. This is to avoid a situation where the chat button looks out of place. A very loud color can be a put off to the visitors on the site and can also interfere with the consistency of the website. The size of the button is also worth considering. A large button might interfere with the website content. The button should be located at a convenient place where visitors can see it.

  • Eye Catching Image

Consider the purpose of your website before choosing an image to use on the chat button. If you have a food website, you can choose an image that is food related. Use attractive and conspicuous colors on the image. Make sure the image does not become a distraction. The image should therefore be medium sized. If you decide to use a cartoon character, the cartoon can blink or wave as a way of drawing attention to the chat box.

  • Drawing Attention

revechat live chat software

If customers do not notice the live support software, you lose a chance to serve them and to gather important information. Some websites have an auto message and a portrait of a chat assistant. The message contains the name of the assistant and it welcomes you to the website. The font and color used are very deliberate and it is impossible for a customer to miss the chat software. For increased visibility, the chat support software makes an unmistakable sound when it comes online. It is impossible to miss such a carefully crafted live chat box.

  • Available Everywhere

Visitors on a site navigate to various pages on the site. It is therefore important for you to ensure that the chat box is available regardless of the page the visitor is browsing. Although it should have an option of minimizing the box, you should ensure that tool bar for the chat box remains visible. As you buy live chat software, make sure that it is designed to remain maximized unless the user decides to minimize it.

  • Multi-platform Design

A good number of people like using their mobile phones to browse while on the go. It is therefore increasingly important to ensure the live chat integrates with the website well even if the person is browsing on a mobile phone. You need to have live support software with a responsive design. The designs auto fits the screen of the gadget that the user is browsing on.


The main aim of live support software is to provide unrivalled customer support. For the software to be essential, you need to make sure that customers notice it.

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