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When you are planning to create a website you heard that there are 2 main segments to build a website. One is web design visualization and another is web development (functional). Let’s look at the difference between web design and web development.

Web Design and Web Development You Need To Know

Web design:- The first segment for creating a website is web design. In this, your idea starts converting to the real-time website.

Well, the web designer creates a visual of your idea using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch design tools which called website mock-up. You can preview website idea in an image.

How web designer approach –

  • The first web designer will discuss idea
  • Logo to identify your website.
  • Home page design
  • inner page design


Things to take care when working with the web designer

  • Color combination in the logo should be decided in starting because logo color make brand later changing this can increase cost and time.
  • All mock-up should be designed first prior convert in functional.


Skill Set for the web designer –

  • Should have expert knowledge of any design tools.
  • Creative thinker.
  • Patience because in this process  client usually ask many changes

Web development –  visual to convert functional website work implemented in web development segment using front-end technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript with back-end technologies PHP,

Web development process is also divided into 2 segment one is front end and another is backend. combination of both called full stack development.

Front-end development – In this process visual to convert HTML wireframe using HTML, CSS, Javascript.

What things to take care of front-end development –

  • Browser compatible
  • W3 validate
  • Mobile compatible


Back-end development –  This one of the important part for website development. In backend development HTML wireframe convert to the functional website using backend technologies such as PHP, Ruby, Python or

In back-end development process  Server Request, CURD functionality for a database such as MySQL, MongoDB implemented.

Well, a website has service like add the product or sell the product to do this we will need the help of backend developer. when the user adds a product this will insert in the database and when a user checks a product this fetch product from the database. This kind of functional process implements using backend technology.

What things to take care in back-end development

  • Security of forms by implementing the function to prevent XSS attack, SQL injections.
  • Website wire-frame implemented properly in all functional pages.
  • Routing of the website is SEO friendly.
  • Checking server page load time.
  • Database Query should be optimize with high data.
  • Make sure database query fetching data which page need instead of the whole column.


Skill Set for the web developer –

  • Should have expert knowledge of oops concept.
  • Extensive knowledge of database queries
  • Familiar with SEO friendly routing

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Full stack developer -Well web developer those can work both front-end and backend called full stack developer.this is right now trending approach for web development segment because one developer can work in both parts which reduces development time and save cost as well.

Conclusion –  I hope above points clear your thought of the difference between web design and web development. We at Pixel Point Technology offer service hire full stack developer at urgent level using monthly, hourly and fixed price. there are many reasons to hire a full stack developer because one developer can handle all kind of stuff of backend and front end.

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