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Crust Earbuds review

For Crust, consumers have been very serious about its sound range through time, thinking up a set of earphones with every collection of phones established over the last couple of decades. This year after launching its Pulse Wireless Earbuds combined with all other Crust cars Bluetooth series, it’s set the Crust wireless earbuds, its first wireless version in the niche.


Layout, although the charging case has a more curved foundation along with the earbuds themselves, possess a level back in which you tap for controllers. Additionally, the charging case comes in Shiny Black colour, and that I obtained the one for inspection. The device has an exceptional design, one of the wireless earbuds I’ve used within the charging case.

With all apparatus, although they function best with all smartphones. With the Crust device, you may see these earbud’s battery life on the top of the mobile display. Additionally, Chipset has upgraded by the Crust Audio.


Additionally, earbuds come with a touch feature to tap the right earbud to change the equalizer preset and left earbud to toggle between the songs. The tap functions are already programmed so that they will be recognized and process accordingly.


Also, one to pause or stop, you need to tap on the left earphone, and tap works very well. Another intriguing fact is that the sufficient attribute where you can find both of these earbuds sound amazing.


The layout of the Wireless Earbuds is unlike the first AirPods.

When the initial AirPods arrived, I wasn’t convinced there would remain in place within my ears, though a mix of design and gravity kept them nicely set up. Together with the Crust Earbuds also, I keep stressing they’ll fall off, particularly the ideal marijuana, as my ear appears to be somewhat extra big onthis side.


The Crust Wireless Earbuds remain comfy and Do not irritate you one piece. With time you get accustomed to the design, and the Earbuds appears to fade off, leaving you with only the ease of really wireless sound.


The sound quality of this Crust Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is much more. On the other hand, and not so partial to bass since most earphones are nowadays. Anyhow they do pack a little bit of oomph when you’re listening to tracks using a little bit of bass, although they do not amp the bass up. My usual playlist using its talk of Leonard Cohens and Western Classical gelled nicely together with the Earbuds, and at no stage did I believe that these weren’t up to the job. It

might handle even a lot of techno which has finished up in folders unintentionally. I noticed the audio point is roomy, and there isn’t any mess of the vocals and tools, hoping to struggle for the same space.


Audio profile. Crust is proven to push the encounter in whatever it will, together with the earbuds; it isn’t doing this with all the sound quality, in my view. Known as Environment Noise Cancelling, it seemed to be of sound isolation when you’ve something on mind that cuts ambient noises.

But while listening to some little Yesudas, I could hear the fan’s hum from the backdrop and WhatsApp alarms on the notebook.

The battery life is adequate and can last you a few times with complete usage. Crust asserts it could go up 60 hours, and I do not doubt that claiming what I’ve observed.

On the top, truly wireless alternatives are available at the price point. The sound quality won’t disappoint you, and you will find many new features like locating the Crust Devices.


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