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Page builders have made life easier for WordPress users! Building beautiful pages is also much faster with this.

Why I now use this distinctive WordPress page builder, I will explain in these some advantages of Sales funnel builder.

Work at the front instead of the back

What you see is what you get. These Funnel builder software editors have been around for some time, but only showed about 20% of the actual result. In other words, the result you saw in the editor did not look like the final web page at all. You work directly at the front of your website and the result corresponds 100% to what you create.

Choose from hundreds of page templates

When you choose WordPress, you choose convenience. If you opt for convenience, you don’t want to have to build complete pages yourself from A to Z. Sales pagebuilder therefore comes with a complete library of predefined pages and blog layouts. You can import these layouts into your website with 1 push of a button.

In the beginning of the website era they wanted to be unique. Many websites were different, so you often had to search for a very long time. Nowadays it’s all about speed, being able to quickly find your way within a website and yet a cool layout.

So you need a user-friendly interface for this. All page templates are provided with the current web standards. Visitors understand the layout and therefore do not have to search. All templates are responsive. This means that the pages are also suitable for all mobile devices. You do not have to take this into account in the first instance. If you are going to make major adjustments, you can simply activate the mobile editor to see if it still looks good and adjust it if necessary.

Add predefined blocks

When you build a lot and often websites, it is nice to be able to keep up the speed. And they have found pagebuilder a solution for that. In addition to a large library of predefined page templates, works with ready-made blocks. We call these predefined sections in Pagebuilder language. You can simply search the extensive library for your required section. 

For example, if you are looking for price tables, you can add them with 1 push of a button and adjust them as desired. And the great thing is, the default colors, fonts and other styles that you have previously set are taken over in the section. So you only have to adjust the text and images!

Copy and paste

Everything is about building your web pages as quickly as possible. Especially in the era of landing pages, you want to be able to set them up as quickly as possible and do not want to have to redefine all colors, fonts, lists, etc. from start to finish.

Copy and paste blocks

What if there was a way to copy the style from a previously formatted block and apply it to another block so that it has exactly the same look, color and fonts? Simply click with the right mouse button on the block whose style you want to use. Copy style and paste it on the other block.

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