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Culonas: A Spanish Slang for Fat Ass

Culonas is a word that Spanish people use as slang to describe a fat-ass for a girl or woman. There are so many vulgar words in Spanish that people use for various kinds of situations and persons to address. Pornhub, a top-rated porn site, publishes a section “Pornhub Insights” to help their fans to understand the people of their country better.

According to their Insights, Spanish people search for the most word on their site “Spanish” followed by “Maduras Espanolas” and then “Espagnol” and after that “Porno En Espanol” and lastly “Sexo En Espanol”. In this article, we’ll try to understand the mentality of Spanish people and the details related to the word Culonas. 

What’s Culonas Porn?

Culonas porn is a subcategory to describe a sex video consisting of a woman or a girl with a fat-ass, which means it’s a sub-word to anal porn videos. Spanish people search the word Culonas on various kinds of porn sites to watch big-ass girls and women. We have tried to find out for all our readers to watch and have a better understanding of culona porn, pornos culonas, and pornografia culona.

What’s Culonas Porn

XNXX.COM Culonas


XNXX.COM is a top-rated porn site that is used by people to share and watch videos. According to The Financial Times reports as of December 2023, the website is at 15th rank in the world because more than 6 billion visitors are coming to see the content monthly. It was launched in 2000 and quickly started gaining popularity because of the video’s true reach to viewers and shareable content which people started liking instantly and is currently headquartered in Paris. 


Culona porn on this site has been ranked in most searches from Spain. If you go to the search bar and type culona, you’ll get so many videos regarding sex videos of big-ass women. Xnxx also provides the number of views and the percentage rating of the videos on the front page so that the viewers can decide if they are looking for the highest-view video or want to watch what other people are also watching more. 


They provide a sneak-peek button which also means if you long press or just the video thumbnail, it’ll give you a short premise of the video content so that the viewers can decide whether it’s up to their standards to watch or not.

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Pornhub Culonas


Pornhub was started in Montreal and is a Canadian pornographic website that is at 14th rank in the world by number of visitors daily. It got started in 2007 and in just a few years it has made a name in the market of porn because they know how to attract viewers. Their speciality is the easy-to-use front-hand of the site and eye-catching thumbnails. They have one of the best customer retention because of the variety and different kinds of content, Professional and amateur. It’s expanding because of its strict rules and violations. If the content is illegal and violates the terms and conditions of the site, it’ll be removed automatically within a few minutes. 


Culonas Porn has different kinds of videos on this site if you search for pornos culonas, a video pops out on the front page with the title, “Professor of Spanish Culona gives me private classes” by the account EvaandMikee who has more than 83 thousand subscribers and uploaded 151 videos. They are Spanish pornographic creators who have a long reach because only on that video, they got more than 1.3 million views in 2 years and have an 86% like ratio from the viewers who have liked their video so much and have shared also.


If you search culonas espanol on the site, you’ll get tons of videos from different creators like Juandomicilios, Latina Milf, PublicNymphomaniac, and many more with a section on the right side end of the thumbnail you can see the number of views on the front page. In the video, a girl will perform fellatio and anal sex with her partner and surely has a big ass, that’s why the site is ranking this video. 

Xvideos Culonas


Stephane Michael Pacaud started Xvideos around 2007 from Paris but soon moved their headquarters to Prague, Czech Republic with the company WGCZ Holding. According to some reports, It’s the 9th most visited site and is the number one in the pornographic category in the world as of October 2023 because of the content, the most important part is his name Xvidoes which is so popular among the youths for porn. They have done marketing so well that the site name symbolises the idea of porn videos. It has very similar attire to the site graphics compared to YouTube in the form of views counting, upload time, like count, dislike count, shareable button, video quality option, subtitles tab, and much more.

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Culonas Porn the site has an ample amount of content and provides the best quality from 144p to 4k so that the viewers don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch in low quality or just skip the site to another one. The videos have different kinds of titles and different locations according to the suitability of the creators. 


They are doing sex, masturbation, blowjob, and different kinds of acts inside the house, on the couch, in the kitchen, outside the house, in the pool, on the terrace, in the jungle, in the car, in the shop, and many more. They have catchy titles and thumbnails to attract viewers and are done in different positions so that the viewers can fulfill their fantasies. 


Culonas is a different kind of porn as compared to other ones because of the viewer’s fantasy and how they want to see the ass of a girl and woman on camera. Not only Spanish people but people from all other countries are attracted towards this kind of porn videos and the sites know this hack and they are using their tactics to see how viewers go and get connected. It’ll become a successor to the sub-porn category and will get more counts on the videos.

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