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TheFappening Nude Celebrities and Porn Sites

Female celebrities are making big moves in the entertainment world becoming a part of giant beauty brands and wellness products, and also getting into entrepreneurship. Well, this growth is not just about cash but also a way to build strong connections and create their own identity in the world.

However, as every journey has some rough patches on the way, the Hollywood industry faced a big backlash when a term called ‘TheFappening’ became viral and with it, the content that it showed and many female celebrities had to face shameful consequences.

What is ‘TheFappening’?

There was a thing called ‘TheFappening’ or ‘Celebgate’, which was a big deal because someone hacked into accounts and leaked many nude pictures of around 100 celebrities which were mostly women.

Continuing on that, there were many famous celebrities like Rihana and Jennifer Lawrence who were exposed to this which is why it became a huge issue for the entertainment world and caused a big issue with everyone talking about online privacy and security.

How did TheFappening leaked?

TheFappening went down when this guy named Ryan Collins pulled off a pretty sneaky move and hacked into about 50 iCloud and 72 Gmail accounts using a basic phishing scheme. What he did was send out phishing emails to celebrities and trick them into giving up their usernames and passwords.

How did TheFappening leaked

Collins sometimes took it a step further and used software to snatch pictures and other stuff from their Apple iCloud accounts, then leak photos onto sites sites Reddit and Celeb Jihad making it a real headache to get them taken down. The crazy thing is, The Fappening 2.0, which happened three years later seemed to follow the same playbook that involved getting into private iCloud and Gmail accounts.

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List of Celebrities who got affected by TheFappening

  • Rihana
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Ariana Grande
  • Emma Watson
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Selena Gomez
  • Taylor Swift
  • Zendaya

Well, these are not the only female celebrities who got affected because the actual list exceeds more than 100 names whose private pictures were leaked and whose accounts were hacked by Ryan Collins.

How was the entertainment industry affected by TheFappening blog?

Alright, so there was this controversial website called TheFappening Blog that made a name for itself by sharing leaked intimate photos of a bunch of celebrities that included nude pictures, selfies, and all sorts of private stuff. And more to that, the website did not shy away from regularly dropping this kind of content which obviously got people talking about privacy, voyeurism, and how celebrities are treated like objects.

Continuing on that, this whole Fappening Blog situation sparked some serious debates on whether it is okay to invade someone’s privacy like that and it had a major impact on the celebrities involved causing a lot of public and professional fallout. People were going back and forth on the details of it and were having discussions about whether this kind of content should be allowed online or not.

However, despite the sensitive nature of the material, theFappening forum was pulling in crazy amounts of traffic and enjoying the show, but then, all of a sudden it got blocked for reasons that are not entirely clear.

And so, now the website is unavailable but its nuisance is still instilled in people’s hearts and there are constant discussions about it on social media and live interviews.

What about TheFappening Pro?

Well, thefappening pro seems to be another one of those websites that shares explicit and personal pictures of celebrities which is quite similar to thefappening blog. And they are all about showcasing intimate content featuring famous people, claiming to have a huge collection of leaked and sexy photos.

However, it is worth mentioning that these kinds of sites surround a lot of controversy and bring up some serious ethical concerns about privacy, consent, and objectification.

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Difference between TheFappening Pro and TheFappening Blog

Well, both the websites show explicit and personal pictures of celebrities, but thefappening pro claims to be the biggest online stash of celebrity leaks and sexy photos and thefappening blog was a go-to website for celebrity nudes and sexy pictures which had a traffic of around 25 million every month.

Difference between TheFappening Pro and TheFappening Blog

As mentioned earlier, the blog website has been shut down because of so many controversies surrounding it regarding privacy, consent, and simply treating celebrities like objects.

Steps taken by the entertainment industry to counter such hacks

  • Legal Action

The affected celebrities and their legal teams have taken legal action against the hackers and have eventually succeded in shutting down thefappening blog website.

  • Better Security

After such an attack on someone’s personal life, anyone would be forced to increase his security which is what happened to the ones who got exploited in thefappening leaked.

  • Social Media Monitoring

Ever since the event, people in the entertainment world have begun scrolling through social media to detect and remove any such unauthorized content.

  • Partnership with influencers

Well, many who were exploited were seen as aliens after their private photos were leaked, and so celebrities tied up with social media influencers to once again build their community and get accepted by viewers.

Final words on TheFappening

In conclusion, we would say that it is important to understand one’s privacy and not make attempts to defame someone because celebrities are after all humans and they have emotions and feelings as well.

TheFappening leaks were a big blow to the entertainment world and many famous people were involved in it which made it more of an issue that led to big discussions and increased security. However, despite making many headlines and achieving huge traffic on their website, people were able to shut it down and once again continue their professions in peace.

With that said, we hope that all the necessary things about thefappening are covered and you have all the information you need to know about it.

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