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Custom cigar boxes and packs are one of the most sought-after promotional products. For many years, the Custom cigar box has been one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools as it carries the entire story of the brand image of the manufacturer/retailer/vendor. And its uses go way beyond traditional uses.

Uses of Gifting Purposes 

Many times, Custom cigar boxes and packs are used for gifting purposes. They can be gifted along with electronic gadgets or used as a part of a corporate gifting program. They have also found their way into the arena of educational gifting and are being used in the curriculum and lesson plans. The packaging is so much more than the material used for manufacturing.

The major use of Custom Boxes in the Wholesale Packaging Industry

Another major use of custom boxes and packs is in the wholesale packaging industry. They have now become a trend for many retail industries and wholesalers. Most of these custom cigar printed boxes and packs are made from high-quality PVC and are available in various sizes. These customized wholesale packagings are designed by using cutting-edge technology to help create a product that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is long-lasting.

With the increasing competition in the field of brand selling, most brands have been coming up with innovative marketing strategies to attract customers. A large percentage of smokers favour only premium branded cigars. Therefore, custom cigar packaging has been a very effective tool to brand the brand name and generating higher sales. In addition, this unique concept of using these custom cigar boxes and packs are helping retailers in getting new customers and at the same time, helping in building their customer base. Most of these boxes are used in cigar bars and clubs and are printed with a brand name, brand logo and even the price of the cigars.

Large Variety of Materials and Designs

There is a large variety of these boxes that include a variety of materials and designs. Some of them are custom printed with different designs and colours, while others are designed to look like traditional wooden boxes. The main types of these packages that are preferred are wooden boxes which are usually made of cedar, redwood, oak and birch. These are ideal for storing long-stemmed and long-leafed cigars.

Aside from promotional purposes, some companies use these packaging boxes for different purposes such as gifting purposes and sampler releases. They are also popularly used for blending and creating sampler bottles for specific brands. This custom packaging allows the customers to get an idea of the quality of cigars offered by different brands. They are very useful when it comes to evaluating cigar brands that can be compared against each other and selecting the best one for gifting purposes or for the purpose of sampling. 

Solutions of Different Including Glossy

Customized packaging solutions come in different forms including glossy, matte and textured prints. Some companies opt for full-colour printing, whereas some choose gloss coating where the designs are imprinted only on the top half of the box. For more convenience, a lot of companies prefer to use matte or textured papers so that the printing process can be easier and faster.

Aside, from textured, matte or full-colour printing, Kraft boxes are also available in various shapes such as circular, triangular and square. These are among the most preferred shapes because they are unique and very decorative. There are a lot of companies that offer printing services for Custom cigar boxes. To ensure that you will get the best quality, it is highly recommended that you select a company that offers high-quality products and guarantees their work.

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