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Well this is the most important question which is there in every YouTuber’s mind and also they do not have a solution to it .We have got you with the best answer.We have shortlisted all the platforms which can make you get some great revenue from your YouTube channel and you can also make your channel become more profitable with this.

If you run a youtube channel with some decent subscribers and get some good amount of views on your video, then there are great chances that you will be able to generate some great revenue from your channel which will make your channel become more profitable and yield some great results for you.


1. Brand Sponsorships


You heard that right , yes brands are always looking for the right influencers to marketise their  products and also to  provide them some targeted traffic which they can convert into sales.But the reason here is simple, only a few YouTube channel owners know how to contact a brand .There are plenty of influencers marketing platforms currently today which can make you get some great work but for that you need to google it yourself and make the best out of it.It will be tough at first but if you get used to it you will be able to get decent brand sponsorships.

Brand provide work on the basis of number of views which a video gets , if it gets high number of views , then there are chances that the brand will take it seriously and would provide with a better deal and if it able to garner a few views then there are chances that the brand would not work with you.If you struggling with the same thing , you can buy Youtube Views .

2. Publicise your own Products.

If you can , try to make your own product lineup which you can promote and sell to your subscribers on YouTube.Their are many YouTubers which are doing this thing and generating a lot of money from their channel.It can be different types of online courses, merchandise or any other app sign up.For this you would need deep research and then you can find out that what is best for you and your channel.

3. Adsense Earning.

By far the best method for earning on YouTube , if you are able to generate a lot of views on YouTube then there are very high chances that google would pay you more . Because if you generate more views then it truly correlates with  your profits, but for this you need to work a lot on your content , you will have to create more focussed and specific content which will enhance your channel profile and would provide you with more Adsense earnings.

We have covered most of the aspects with which you can generate more revenue from your YouTube channel and create a living for yourself. If you want to do the same with your channel , just applying these same techniques will create a better and profitable YouTube channel.

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