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Customer rating software is use to collect consumer rating and review and respond to the customer product review and service. Actually those tools are used to capture users positive and negative feedback, that’s why we called top-zaymov those tools review management tools,  customer feedback, or product review software. Those type of tools use by B2B or business to business companies. Consumer rating and review help businessman what are consumer expecting.

Now Lets see what those tools can do

  • Collect consumer rating and reviews or basically helping you get Google reviews.
  • Use UGC market to promote their product.
  • Quickly respond user review and rating.
  • Gather consumer experience with the product.
  • Get higher rank by organic search about the product.

Reputation Management Software

Customer review and rating software has a close connection with online reputation management software. Online review management tools allow the companies to manage their consumer both positive and negative reviews and respond to them, contact with the customers on social media channels or page, and keep track of website posts and mentioned them.

Customer Rating and Review Software Feature

Some shopper ratings and reviews tools may specialize more in one or two of the areas. Here is some common features shared by many review management solution:

Review Generation

  • Email campaign
  • Review Invitation
  • Automatic review invite
  • Host review on your own site
  • Customizable review questionnaires
  • Consumer data privacy

Review Management

  • Monitoring the review of third-party website
  • Customizable dashboard for user
  • Open a ticket for chatting with CC
  • Catching fraud review
  • Review alert
  • Auto reply to review

Amplification Review

  • Review content category pages, product pages, checkout pages
  • Sharing review on social media platform
  • Android apps for review management

Review Analytics

  • Review dashboard reporting
  • Sentiment Analysis review
  • Access to the competitive benchmark

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