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In 2020, digital poverty is no longer an option for individuals, especially students, when most of the valued courses and lectures are available online. 

Over the years, laptops have become useful technological devices for both school and university students and have proved helpful for their curriculum in more than one way. 

Further, the availability of a vast range of budget laptops under 25000 has further surged the demand for these gadgets among students. Collectively, they have impacted the education regime to a great extent. 

To understand how this portable device has influenced education, one needs to assess its utility from up close. 

Perks of using laptops – For students

These pointers walk us through the benefits of using a laptop –


  • Facilitates the experience of taking notes


Jotting down a note on a laptop is faster and more convenient. It allows users to organise and index information systematically. Students can look up specific information instantly by searching for relevant keywords. 

Unlike handwritten notes, the risk of losing essential notes is significantly low. In fact, with the help of a laptop, students can store and back-up important documents, lectures and notes successfully. 


  • Convenient for writing a copy and editing it multiple times


Laptops allow students to improve the quality of their assignment by facilitating prompt editing. Also, since students can edit their documents on the laptop multiple times, they can easily eliminate minute errors and make their assignments more factually accurate and information-rich. 


  • Proves useful for group study sessions


The inclusion of the laptop into the study regime has also been successful in fostering online collaboration with students. This helps students located in different places to connect and partake in enriching group study sessions and discussions. Students can also benefit by attending informative webinars and gathering more insight about given topics. 


  • Fosters organisation skills


With laptops, students can track their assignments better and enjoy the functionality of an online calendar. Using the electronic notebook has also come in handy for receiving assignments online.

Above all, most schools and universities now allow students to submit their assignments via email, which directly eliminates the need to get it printed. Collectively, it has been successful in keeping the entire process of receiving and submitting assignments hassle-free.


  • Facilitates better research


Students who use a laptop to study can access valuable information about their curriculum on the web browser. It further allows them to look up online tutorials, explanatory blogs and research papers to gain ideas about specific topics of their curriculum.

Students now have access to copious amounts of information at their fingertips, courtesy access to the internet and availability of budget laptops under 25000. 


  • Improves technical skills


By incorporating the advantage of laptops into study sessions, students can improve their computer skills to a great extent. It can help them become more tech-savvy and transition into computer-oriented job profiles more easily. Above all, incorporating technology with studies makes the learning sessions more fun and useful. 

Nevertheless, to make the most of this portable notebook, students must pick one that is both affordable and efficient. Typically, to ensure it they should consider a few things like –

  • RAM – Ideally, laptops with 4GB RAM are suitable for primary usage. One must note that devices with a larger RAM drain battery faster.
  • CPU – Students who intend to use their system to multitask with web browsing, assignment writing, accessing email –ID or streaming movies online may go for a dual-core processor.  However, students opting for multimedia courses like video editing or picture editing may not find a dual-core processor very useful. 
  • Battery back-up – Students who do not prefer waiting for a long time when their laptop is being charged should opt for one with a strong battery back-up. In most cases, a laptop with an average back-up of at least 7 hours is desirable.
  • Keyboard – To enhance the typing experience, students should look for laptops whose keyboard has spaces between the buttons. They should also look for comfortable keypads to take live notes during classes with greater ease. 

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Hence, laptops have positively impacted education and have made study sessions more useful and exciting for students. The device has not only made it easier to access information through various channels instantly but has also helped them to gain more insight into different topics and subjects readily. Nonetheless, while planning to buy a laptop under 25000, one needs to check and compare the accompanying features for a smooth experience.

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