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We spent half of our childhood learning skateboards and collecting their replica, i.e., Fingerboards. Even when these miniatures were launched in 1985 – the 1990s, they became a big hit and became the most purchased toy worldwide. And now, these fingerboards are not just toys; it has become an individual sport altogether. Various finger boarding competitions are also organized every year. 

Therefore, choosing the right fingerboard, practicing your skill, and learning creative tricks is essential. And not only standard fingerboards, now you can customize fingerboards online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Be it your image, name, or any other design, you can easily customize it and create your professional fingerboard. However, if you are already searching for a customized fingerboard, keep reading further. 

Choosing the Right Fingerboard For Beginners 

If you are a beginner with fingerboards, they have all the standard features of any regular skateboard. However, the measurements are different – length: 3.9 inches, width: 1 – 1.3 inches, and overall ratio – 1:8. Additionally, fingerboards have paper, wooden or plastic decks, bushings, and interchangeable trucks and wheels. But before purchasing your first fingerboard, consider the guide given below. 

  • Base Material 

Usually, two kinds of material are used in fingerboards and custom fingerboard ramps – plastic and wood. Plastic fingerboards are standard and somehow do not support a few tricks. But typical wooden decks are now manufactured with quality veneer plywood, which provides enough strength to the fingerboard with its 5-layer wood deck. 

  • Deck Width

As we have fingers of different sizes, boards are also designed to fit our hands easily. And the major rule of the fingerboard is – to slimmer the board and make it easier for it to flip. Whereas more width usually offers broad control over the fingerboard. However, experts always recommend choosing a 34mm wide deck while learning fingerboard. 

  • Deck Concave  

Concave means – steepness or roundness of the fingerboard. The curves your fingerboard has from center to edges of the board. However, you can choose between ‘low-concave’ or ‘high-concave.’ The major use of concave is to control your board while doing tricks. Therefore, it’s recommended for beginners to start with high concave in their customized fingerboards.

  • Wheels of Fingerboard  

A very important and major part of the fingerboard is – its wheels. They should be durable, smooth, and stable with built. Therefore, it’s always recommended to consider CNC-bearing wheels for beginners. As they are suitable with various materials, they Provide smooth slides and landings. 

  • Bottom Graphics  

While showcasing your tricks, not only skills but people focus on fashion play. So, your fingerboard should also be beautiful with design. It not only showcases a print but represents your personality in front of thousands of people during a match. That’s why people say a custom fingerboard is considered a personalized ornament of the player. 

Customize Your Fingerboard 

After selecting your fingerboard, you can redesign an ordinary fingerboard to customize your fingerboard. Below we have shared a few tips on redesigning your fingerboard differently. 

  • Paint Trucks: You can paint trucks of the fingerboard as per your choice, which will attract a lot of attraction towards your fingerboard. 
  • Choose Between Different Sizes: Although fingerboards come in a standard size, you can choose their width between 32 to 34. Else, you can customize the fingerboard deck by using any heat source. 
  • Paint Screw/Bolts: Another way to make your fingerboard stand out amongst all is – by painting its screw and bolts in contrast to trucks. 
  • Redesign Boards: Fingerboard decks are like an empty canvas. You can paint your imagination in almost every way. You can imprint your image, name, or any design of your choice. 


Hopefully, this article is informative enough to guide you regarding things to consider while purchasing your first fingerboard. However, next time before searching for your brand-new addition of fingerboard, we recommend you consider the guide given above to create your personalized and customized fingerboard.

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