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Holographic stickers are like normal stickers but they have a sparkling and shimmering effect. It means that they give beautiful rainbow effect that can change when light falls upon it. This happens because these stickers have material that has a special glowing effect. When light strike the surface of these stickers, custom sticker’s holographic produce a beautiful impact by reflecting all the colors of a rainbow. This feature at once catches attention of people. Let us discuss some basics about how to make holographic stickers.

How Holographic Stickers are made?

The first thing that you should have to make a holographic sticker, is a Holographic Sticker Paper. It is a water-proof matte sticker paper which keeps its structure and color even after washing. It is of poly-synthetic material like vinyl paper.  To make a holographic sticker, you need to design your sticker. You can use digital tools to create your design. Next, you must print your design on the sticker paper with the help of a printer. Laminate and cut out your designs by using either foil-on method or self-adhesive laminate method. You can use a protective spray in foil-on method but it makes sticker look foggy and blurry. Therefore, you do not need to use spray as both type of stickers is still okay without protective spray. You can get easy method on YouTube about how to make holographic stickers.

Uniqueness is important

Best Custom stickers holographic are incredibly unique and special type of stickers that are artistic and unique. People love the colorful effect they give and enjoy designing their own holographic stickers. These holographic stickers are customizable according to customer’s demands. There are many online stores which give option of Custom Stickers. There are variety of metal color custom holographic stickers with different texture options.

Customer can choose colors and texture options according to their wish. Customers just supply their designs in the form of image. Many stores also give digital tools to help your make your design. Choose the size of your sticker yourself and the good thing about this is that it is not too much expensive. Custom 3D holographic stickers give you kaleidoscopic impact with rainbow like capabilities. You can now print your message with 3D effect in the background. Many people use these holographic stickers to beautify their products for business. Let us discuss some tips for better designing of custom stickers holographic.

How to design better holographic stickers

  • It is a good practice to use contrasting colors for your sticker.
  • Leave some empty space so that your colors can be easily showed.
  • Increase the saturation so that the colors look more vibrant and radiant.

In addition to adding beauty, there is another important purpose which these holographic stickers serve. Holographic stickers are best to make holographic decals. Let us see what are holographic decals.

Holographic Decals

Holographic decals have special holographic material and they are usually in licenses, credit cards, passports to make them prominent and secure. They have foil holograms along with a permanent adhesive. Holographic decals are more secure than common holographic stickers because the adhesives are so strong that they can damage and remove the decal.

Importance of Holographic Stickers and Decals

Here are some reasons that tell us why holographic stickers and decals are important:

  • They are majorly for marketing purpose. Sellers paste holographic stickers on their products to increase their beauty. Moreover, these stickers catch attention of customers.
  • Holographic stickers are also on the product packaging boxes to give them more stylish and unique look
  • These stickers are common for security during shipping of products. These are used on security label stickers and hold all the associated information of a product.
  • Holographic decals are used in licenses and different cards for authentication and security reasons.

In a nut shell, Holographic stickers are a great tool in market now. It serves multiple purposes in our lives such as marketing, security, authentication and many more. Thus, these stickers have replaced ordinary stickers due to their vast uses and applications.

Everybody loves stickers, children and adults alike. Stickers are always fun and exciting to look at. We can’t help but stick them all over our computers, cars, and water bottles. Why is everyone so crazy about stickers? Here are some ideas. Stickers can be a great way for you to connect with people who love what your do. You could choose your favorite brand, company, product or ideology. It doesn’t matter what it is, stickers are a great way to connect with others without having to speak a word.

The promotional aspect


You can use stickers to increase organic traffic, strengthen your relationships with potential customers, or even help support brand messaging. These are just five examples of stickers that you can use in your marketing. Nothing is more exciting than getting extra gifts or freebies inside a package. Branded custom stickers holographic can enhance your customers’ experience and reinforce your brand message.

Stickers can be used by potential customers to decorate their personal items and laptops. Gifts can also increase interaction and traction at your booth or event. Stickers are a great addition that customers love. Stickers can be purchased in-store as well as online. Online sales offer customers an additional way to reach their free shipping minimum. This is possible by adding stickers to your cart.

Fun ways to use stickers

Your packaging should be fun and engaging for customers. You may also be more likely get UGC (user generated content). To make it more interactive, you can add QR codes to encourage future sales or purchases. You can guide customers in-store with branded stickers. For a personalized branding experience that customers will love, you can apply decals to windows, floors, and POS systems. Brand awareness is possible with your employees! You can give your employees custom stickers holographic that they can use on their personal items, and you can give them additional stickers to share with their friends and family.

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