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The first birthday of a child is very important both for the child and the parents. The parents always want to celebrate their child’s first birthday with great zeal and enthusiasm. Though the infant, being small, is unable to get involved in any of its first birthday activities, with friends and relatives, the celebration is always marvellous. When the child grows up, it will cherish these memories forever in his heart. Parents love to celebrate the first birthday of their cute baby girl with great gusto and capture all the moments of their little girl to adore them forever. The first birthday of a baby girl should be an exciting affair. Blooms Villa offers an exotic collection of first birthday cakes for your little angel.

You can organize the best-themed party for the first birthday of your doll. Delicious and fresh cakes are available for various themes. Order now and get exciting discounts with free shipping facility. Usually, parents don’t prefer to have healthy cakes without added sugars, oils or artificial colours for their child’s first birthday. We have a wide collection of such cakes which do not straggle in taste and leave your taste buds wanting for more. These gorgeous cakes are irresistible to smash. What else a baby wants? Order beautiful and tasty happy birthday cakes from Blooms Villa. Here are some of the best first birthday cake ideas for a baby girl.

  1. Princess or Barbie Cakes- These are the most preferred cakes for cute little girls. With awesome carvings and incredible art, these cakes are prepared by the top and experienced artists. So, get a charming and elegant doll cake for your pretty little doll. These cakes include the Cinderella cakes, Barbie cakes, and cakes with gorgeous princesses for your lovely little princess.

  1. Cartoon Cakes- These are the most perfect cakes for children. Cartoons are loved not only by children, but by all. Various cute cartoon themed cake designs are being prepared freshly. So, the baby will have an adorable and memorable time on her first birthday. Various cartoon themed cakes include Shinchan cakes, Doraemon cakes, Minnie Mouse cakes and the cakes of various other cartoon characters. Order these unique first birthday cakes from Blooms Villa and surprise everyone.
  2. Animal Cakes- These are among the most liked cakes for children. Animal themed cakes and cakes depicting jungle are loved by kids and will be a delightful idea for both the kids and the adults. These cakes are available in different shapes and flavors of chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry and so many wonderful mouth-watering flavors. This category of cakes also include Butterfly cake, Ladybug cake, Dolphin cake and so on.
  3. Fantasy World Cakes- The most pretty and irresistible cakes, these are sure to woo both children and adults. These cakes are adorable, impressive and appetizing. Numerous variations are available in such types of cakes. Castle cakes, Carousel cakes, Rainbow Ruffles, Tiara cakes, Princess Crown cakes, Heart cakes, Mermaid cakes, Star cakes, Adventure cakes and so many wonderful cakes. If your daughter was born in winters, then Winter Candy cakes are the best.

  1. Gravity-defying Cakes- These are the best cake chosen by all the parents for their pretty, lovely daughter. These are made very meticulously by the most experienced artists and are in great demand. The stunning Anti-gravity Cakes have loads of wow factor in very affordable budget. This type of cake always leaves everyone spellbound. You can order online flower delivery in Kolkata from Blooms Villa.

These were the top ideas of magnificent cakes for the first birthday of a baby girl. You can arrange for a thematic party for the completion of one year of your little girl and it is a great time to show how darling she is for you. You won’t believe it, but these days animal themed parties are also organized, where everyone takes up characters of different animals. The babies love these. You can opt for princess themed parties and ask everyone to opt for their western gowns and so on. Pink and purple are the most favorite colors for girls. Number Fondant cakes are very common combined with all the above themes. So, what are you waiting for? Order delicious and elegantly designed cakes for the first birthday of your cute, little princess from Blooms Villa which has awesome happy birthday cakes collection.

If you are in Bangalore, then you can order tasty cakes of any type from Blooms Villa which has the facility of cake delivery in Delhi.

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

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