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When is It?

From June 18th to July 12th. The shadow period — when Mercury is in the degrees it will retrograde began June 18th at 5 degrees Cancer. Mercury will leave direct Shadow — crossing these degrees — on July 12th, at 19 degrees Leo.

This is the second Mercury retrograde for 2020, all of which have been in earth signs. These timeframes in 2020 draw the focus back to real life observations, often to do with day-to-day living. See also,

Mercury Rx in Real Life – Review of the Situation

Cancer is a sign that’s present to its environment. Mercury analyzes everything, going over the details again and again. Mercury retrograde is a time to look at it again, but in a thorough, realistic way. Nothing slips past Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and details missed the first time are woven back into the story.

Watch out for analysis paralysis and getting stuck on insignificant minutia. Mercury Cancer is a flexible mental current, though, with a drive toward integrating facts into the whole picture. This aids those needing to make important decisions, based on head-spinning changes happening for many these days.

Mix-Ups and Missed Signals

  •     Statements made now that defy logic could come back to haunt.
  •     Splitting hairs, arguments over petty details.
  •     Misdiagnoses or confusion about cause of health problems.
  •     Getting lost from mis-reading maps.
  •     Misunderstanding due to wording of email or sign.

Some possible Mercury Cancer Rx Themes

  •     Picking up quick training or retraining for a position.
  •     Acting on the need for a healthier living situation.
  •     The fine detailing for a home improvement, garden or art project.
  •     Finding ways to reduce toxic exposure from food, air, water.
  •     Getting info that alerts you to health dangers, and acting on it.
  •     Managing your time well, cutting out things that don’t bring anything back.
  •     Finding alternative ways of sharing expenses, in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Great Time to

  •     Declutter your home or office.
  •     Stock up on basics (food, first aid, water filter, SEEDS).
  •     Detox and integrate eating habits that boost well being.
  •     Review for a test (to take after the Rx cycle).
  •     Reconnect with someone you helped, or who helped you.
  •     Lift up others in practical ways (a ride, a meal).
  •     Give away what you’re not using — things that others could use.

For people who have Mercury retrograde in their natal chart, the periods of Mercury retrograde can be very special! Why???

Because they currently have the same vibration that is encapsulated in the print of their natal chart whence it results they can be advantaged and favored!

Don’t forget to check the condition of Mercury on your natal chart and, if it is retrograde, remember the retrograde periods every year.

This can support and help you as you never imagined! These are short periods, but take full advantage of them!

Every year Mercury retrogrades in different signs and elements and this puts its mark on the nature of the problems we may encounter:

  • Retrograde in earth signs – practical aspects, materials in connection with money, checklists, budgets are influenced
  • Retrograde in Water Signs – We Are Guided to Listen to Our Inner Voice, Sixth Sense, Intuition
  • Retrograde in Fire signs – we are influenced to think creatively, courageously and innovatively
  • Retrograde in air signs – we are influential to communicate, to dialogue, to research

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