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BSR and Bonsystems

BSR (Bon Speed Reducer) is a thin, lightweight speed reducer with high torque. The unique development of the gear designed technology of BSR has been organized in a more compact yet efficient way. The number of inner parts has gone down revolutionarily to create a more simplified form for an effective outcome.

Bonsystems has precise speed reducers based on cycloidal gear design and it can be produced as mass production. Bonsystems is a speed reducer manufacturer who have been supplying compact and precise reducers for automated machinery in robotic business.


Why Should We Choose BSR

BSR has a high precision system

Bon speed reducers are getting high precision, yet it takes very little space and enables the whole technology to represent a smaller device that works efficiently.

BSR is a high-torque cycloid speed reducer.

Even though the BSR consumes very little space, high torque is available, providing greater power that allows transporting heavy loads and vehicles more efficiently.

BSR has a supreme durability system with precise accuracy.

BSR are more long-lasting as they are developed under innovative technology in an advanced form.

BSR is smaller and light-weighted.

As they are developed with innovative design technology of compact speed reducer, the production efficiency has increased significantly. Lighter structures are more useful than heavily weighted versions.

Higher productivity of BSR

The design of unique cycloid gear enables an easier way for mass production and maximizes the limit of productivity.

Personalize Service

Bonsystems has their own design solution that can reach any of customers requirement. When buyers clarify the specification they need Bonsystems can customize speed reducer that match up their needs.


BSR 080-050

The greatest advantage of having a BSR model of 080-050 is that this model is readily available in stock in a vast quantity. So it is easier to ship this model out right away. To see more details of BSR 080-050, visit website and leave inquiry.

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