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The celebrities do earn mammoth amounts and they have the hobbies to buy expensive things. One such hobby is having the most luxurious car collections that give us an insight into their choice. For a middle class car buyer, they can only fantasy of having such expensive cars that these celebrities own. The cars celebrities own usually worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Actually, these cars give you a vision into celebrities’ character. Some of them prefer supercars in India while others like to have luxury or speed cars.

Here, we are discussing the 5 top most exclusive celebrity supercars in India that can give an adrenaline rush or a feel of conquering the world.

  • Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead – David Beckham

David Beckham has been recognized for shooting the nice shots in the goal. The game he plays takes him to the full-on celebrity fame. Having a blitz of endorsement, the superstar has an amazing collection of remarkable luxury vehicles. One of them is Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, which is counted amongst the most expensive vehicles. It comes with various customizations and Savini Forged Wheels.

  • Maybach 57 – Rick Ross

Maybach 57 is among the Mercedes-Benz’s. To date, it is considered to be the most pretentious car. Hence, Rick Ross likes to purchase this extraordinary car that suits his rapper personality. Maybach engine creates the power through a five-speed automatic transmission that results in a quick 0 to 60 Mph sprint.

  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren – Jay Leno

Jay Leno took an exit from his late night television course and now has magnified his fame via an unparalleled car collection. Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren is known for his favorite luxury cars from the rest. He likes it because of its high performance and smooth design. The car is loved by many because of its unmatched features and offers quiet comfort.

  • Ferrari Enzo – Nicolas Cage

We all know who Nicolas Cage is. He is counted amongst the maximum paid actors in the film industry. That makes sense because his fondness for cars is relevant according to his pay. His Ferro Enzo ideally shows a glitzy and show-stealing attitude. Once you will saw it, you will love the cars’ huge doors and extreme curves.

  • Porsche 959 – Jerry Seinfield 

Jerry Seinfield found his triumph with the YouTube series till the end of the series – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In the show, he interviewed many celebrities from Barack Obama to Steve Martin. On getting success, he purchases Porche 959 known to be his big-ticket car. The vehicle is appreciated for the high speed of 195 miles per hour is achieved.

The final words

Your car represents your personality, especially when you owe a supercar. If you are planning to buy a supercar someday, then you must read out this post to get an idea of what your favorite celebrity is having in his garage. Hope you like to have one of these cars on your bucket list and want to purchase once in your lifetime.


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