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Despite being allied and intricately intertwined both computer sciences and data sciences stand out to be quite independent. The miracles of recent developments in the field of computer sciences benefitted all the allied disciplines and independent hybrid disciplines rose from nothingness. Bioinformatics and artificial intelligence are such disciplines. But data science existed for a long time, even before the inception of computers. Successful utilization of data was first recorded during the first great war of 1914-1918. And during the second war, the use of data in intelligence departments was in full swing. Today, due to the extreme dependency on the internet we generate data for every mundane task we do. Thus modern data science is extremely dependent on this real-time data. And this huge amount of data requires the use of computers. Thus the comparison between these two disciplines stands valid only if done from a professional point of view. A comparison, more focused on the differences in terms of career choices and opportunities. This article will discuss the relevance of both these disciplines and elaborate on their interrelations. Explaining in the process, which one of these two is more favored by the time when it comes to building a fulfilling career. 


The interrelationships between data science vs computer science


The relationship shared by computers and data science is not very old. But for a fact without the recent developments in the field of computer sciences, data science wouldn’t have gained this much popularity. Especially since the pandemic took everyone by surprise, the use of data became necessary. The very survival of many commercial and public entities depended on the utilization of data on an industrial scale. Thanks to the prowess of modern computers, this data was handled with finesse. The humanly impossible analyses were done by well-trained machine learning tools. Developed by computer scientists with time and care. 

Education and training opportunities: data science vs computer science

As we can judge prior experience or training in computer science can greatly help a data scientist to grow at an exceptional pace. And most of the data scientists we have in the industry today are from a computer science or information technology background. But in reality, anyone with the acumen of coding and statistics can become a data scientist by appropriate training. 

On the other hand, training in computer sciences must start from an early age. Being a long-established disciplined computer scientist is a mandatory part of the high school curriculum and after high school, there are many opportunities like engineering and mainstream science education in computer sciences.

In the case of both disciplines, there are a plethora of opportunities when it comes to getting hands-on training. Relocating in relevant cities, housing the cream of Indian technological prowess can be considered. And with early networking, it is possible to secure internships within a day’s notice. 


Career opportunities in data science and computer sciences

Data is what keeps us afloat even during this terrible ordeal we are facing. In the face of financial collapse and job losses, data scientists are still valued, keeping the fire burning. And the ones who have already upgraded by taking up studies in data science are thriving better than most.  All the career options a data scientist can get can be availed by a computer scientist as well. Thus this section will most likely cover overlapping areas where data scientists naturally shine and computer scientists might need some up-gradation. 


In the commercial sector 

In the commercial sector, data decide success and survival. Thus modern-day commercial entities tend to recruit experienced data scientists as data analysts and business analysts. But computer scientists are mostly recruited in the tech industries. And in the case of our country, their works are mostly outsourced from financially strong developed countries. But with the pandemic rampaging at full throttle, these economic powerhouses are collapsing thus a diversification with data science is an option for many recently unemployed computer scientists.


In the public sectors

In the public sector data is saving millions of lives and data scientists are considered saviors. And the employment opportunities grow for the data scientists by the day. Computer scientists were always useful in public service and have taken major responsibilities in the service of humanity. But in the face of global economic collapse, computer scientists are upgrading and switching to a data-dependent career. Data science is literally helping thousands of CS engineers to find shelter in public services at never before seen rates. 

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