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Some of the most deadly accidents that could happen on Indianapolis roads involve collisions with 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles. Those involved frequently sustain severe, catastrophic, or fatal injuries due to commercial trucks’ size and weight relative to other cars. Additionally, truck accident damage claims are usually more challenging than other auto collisions. So, what aspects make navigating truck accident cases in Indianapolis difficult? Continue reading:

Confusing liability

Several parties may be responsible for paying the victim’s damages in a truck accident case. Some are moneyed truck companies with the financial wherewithal to resist giving the victim what they are due. Typical accountable parties could be:

  • Trucker 
  • Trucking business
  • Facility for truck maintenance
  • Manufacturer of shipper trucks and accessories
  • Government roads authorities.

Like other auto accidents, the persons involved in a truck accident may point fingers. A witness may have seen the truck driver nodding off, which means a breach of federal regulations on permissible driving hours and required rest breaks. The motorist may, however, argue that they swerved due to a shifting load or a mechanical issue.

A motorist might try to blame the other party, either entirely or in part, by standing in the truck driver’s blind area for an extended period or by failing to give them adequate time to stop or space to turn a corner. It can take a lot of ability and experience to sort through the contradicting accounts and find the relevant information. Hiring an Indianapolis truck accident lawyer is important to adequately collect evidence and hold the negligent party accountable.

Complicated truck ownership

In accidents involving solely cars or other similar passenger vehicles, the owners of the vehicles are frequently the drivers. This may simplify dealing with insurance companies and obtaining compensation for your losses and injuries. On the other hand, owner-operators, lessees, and company drivers are all possible classifications for truck drivers, and each of these designations can impact who is ultimately accountable for the acts of those drivers.

Complicated trucking rules

Truck drivers and transportation corporations must adhere to complicated federal and state laws aimed at preventing accidents. These cover requirements for truck drivers, truck upkeep, the number of hours a driver can travel without stopping, and many other topics. Many truck collisions may have been caused by or contributed to by violations of these rules. This may make it more challenging to determine what caused the accident.

Coverage by insurance. 

Like vehicle owners, truck owners in Indianapolis must have specific insurance coverage. However, the types of coverage differ. Insurance ranges depend on the truck type, type of load, and whether it is hazardous. Determining the type of insurance coverage that was legally sufficient in light of the situation can be challenging.

Final thoughts

Even if the truck driver’s carelessness was obvious, resolving your truck accident claim could be more complicated than you think. This is why engaging an experienced truck accident lawyer is advisable.

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