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The at-fault party’s insurance company in Las Vegas is liable for a car accident and the injuries inflicted on another person. But if the party at fault is underinsured or lacks adequate insurance coverage, different options exist.

Who is Liable for Medical Bills?

The liability insurance of the driver at fault covers medical expenses required for everyone they have harmed. The insurance company is likely to provide you with a settlement or compensation to cover your losses.

It is important to factor in every medical expense when considering the offers since you can’t ask for more cash later. If a doctor doesn’t know whether you will have a permanent disability or medical expenses will exceed your compensation amount, it would be best to browse this site for a knowledgeable attorney to guide you.

Medical Costs Often Covered

Medical bills that stem from an auto accident might be a financial burden. They may go beyond the cost of initial treatment and balloon into more lifelong expenses.

Ensure you consult an experienced lawyer familiar with getting compensation for the expenses caused by the accident. This includes initial medical bills and other expenses related to the following:

  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of life quality
  • Future medical expenses
  • Inconvenience
  • Emotional distress
  • Despair/chronic pain
  • Lost wages

What Happens When You’re Unable to Pay Medical Bills?

Auto accidents and the resulting injuries are very distressing, and additional financial weight can make the situation tough. However, it is imperative to remember that, during these tough times, there are other resources you can consider to manage those medical expenses. Some of these resources are:

  1. MedPay

Although not legally required in Nevada, MedPay is a common option for drivers to have additional coverage. As no-fault coverage, you can use it to pay for initial medical bills and cover losses, like lost wages, up to a predetermined amount once the accident happens.

  1. Letter of Promise

This is an agreement between healthcare providers and car accident victims. With a letter of promise, a healthcare provider will agree to offer you treatment services and wait for payment out of the auto accident settlement.

  1. Assignments or Liens

A medical lien, once acknowledged, should be paid back. A lien is an assignment or right that has been passed. When clients sign a lien, they can collect medical bills from a medical provider or physician.

The Nevada Supreme Court stated that an attorney lien takes priority over any medical lien. So, it is important always to consult an attorney for help.

  1. Health Insurance

Because of its nature, your provider might have negotiated substantial discounts for healthcare services with different medicalcare experts. If you have this kind of insurance, your best bet to settle your medical bills following an auto accident is to submit those bills to your insurer.

While health insurers will ask for reimbursement for those bills, you may claim the medical costs as damages since Nevada often follows the ‘Collateral Source Rule.

Final Touches

If you get injured in an auto accident, knowing how your medical expenses will be handled in your personal injury case would be best. This is where an attorney comes to play. The attorney will make you understand that and guide you every step of the way.

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