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For hundreds of years, people worldwide have used natural remedies to treat pain. At present, this hasn’t changed because now more than ever people are looking for natural treatments to replace synthetic solutions.

Pain has different causes and affects people differently so choosing a product to treat it can be tricky. People are faced with a plethora of options from CBD products to other natural remedies. For those experiencing chronic pain, CBD products are viable options. In fact, they are so popular people around the world use them to improve various health problems.

When suffering from arthritis, inflammation or similar aches, CBD supplements can help you. But should you use an oil or a cream? Which one is best?

This article will explore the benefits both of them bring to help you determine what product to use.

CBD oil

You hear the term CBD daily, but you still don’t know exactly what it is. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the marijuana plant. This means it doesn’t have side effects as the traditional plant has. Companies mix CBD with a carrier oil to produce CBD products. You can use oils with various strengths to treat different issues. Scientists state that CBD can help people deal with pain because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system that regulates most of the body’s functions.

If you want to determine what product to use for your pain, a reliable resource like can help you understand what benefits each of them has.

Depending on how intense your pain is, you can use CBD oil with various potencies. Because it has a distinct smell, companies produce it in flavours from tropical fruits to mint to help people stand it better.

CBD cream

Lately, CBD creams are growing in popularity because of their convenient form. People use creams to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, but some also use it for pain.

Creams vary from balms to lotions and ointments infused with cannabidiol.

You can rub them onto your sore areas to relieve pain and boost relaxation. Your skin quickly absorbs the product and lowers inflammation to improve comfort. The main difference between oils and creams is that creams don’t enter your bloodstream. It only affects the area you rub it on and penetrates the CB2 receptors.

When experiencing joint and muscle pain you can use topical creams for massage for extensive benefits.

Should you use CBD cream or CBD oil?

Some say that CBD oil is the winner because it enters your bloodstream and works quickly. So, when you are looking for a fast remedy, the effects of the oils kick in within half-hour. But if you experience smaller pains, then it’s no use to get CBD into your bloodstream because the cream can work great.

You can even combine the two forms to get maximum results. Take the oil to improve the pain fast and maintain its effects with a topic. These products offer relaxation and pain relief, so there’s no use to get prescription drugs when natural products provide the best help.

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