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Warning Letter

No employee in the world would want to get criticized or called out publicly for their misdeeds. This is why a personal intimation in the form of a warning letter is sent to the uncooperative individuals. When the mistake or offense is serious, it can even be attached with a notice for termination. Thus, employees usually get anxious and frightened when they hear about the issuance of a warning letter in their favor. But if you look at the brighter side, warning letters can also be treated as performance boosters and opportunities to take corrective actions. In fact, more often than not, employers design the warning letter format in such a way that it serves the same purpose.

Now, since we are talking about the positive aspects of a warning letter, let us see how it acts as the ultimate key to getting employees back on the right track:

It Is A Policy Reminder

Most of the time, warning letters are issued when a working professional breaks a law or company policy. It could be an infringement of any regulation such as swaying away from the time and attendance policy or dress code. Whenever an employee becomes a frequent absentee or a late arriver, what this cautionary document does is mention the policy guidelines clearly and highlight the consequences so that the offender realizes the criticality of the situation and corrects himself timely.

It Improves Productivity 

Now, since the time and attendance has already been taken care of, when the employee is in the office premises regularly and on time, it obviously lays a positive impact on the work. Employees become more productive once their lack of seriousness is pointed out and the results of their careless attitude are shown to them. In this way, the overall drive to be dedicated towards work rises again and the productivity improves exponentially.

It Enhances Performance

This is one of the best outcomes of sending a warning letter to the employees. It is basically the second reason why employers issue this document. An underperformer is always at a risk of being fired from an organization. So, this letter, in a way, gives such employees an opportunity to redeem themselves by fighting hard to achieve their targets. Once the numbers are reflected and the techniques to recover the performance are highlighted through a warning letter format, the concerned employees are bound to take an immediate corrective measure to prove themselves.

It Gives Another Chance

Back in the day, working professionals did not have many options to work upon and correct their mistakes. As soon as a deflection in an appropriate behavior was observed, a policy was infringed or an employee’s performance went down, his/ her employment was terminated with immediate effect. But, with the introduction of cautionary letters like a warning letter, the risk of losing jobs reduced. Employees now get a good opportunity to realize and work towards making amendments.

It Saves From Termination

Again, this is more or less the same implication as the point above. Employees are now fortunate that they are alarmed about the consequences of their mistakes before being fired. Unless the offense is extremely severe, the number of termination cases gets minimized.

By Neelima Bansal

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