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Debt Settlement

Is your credit score affected by EOS CCA? or do you think you can just ignore the collection agency? However, did you know that ignoring collections would be the worst method for coping with them? If you disregard those letters and phone calls, a debt collector can pursue legal action against you. If you neglect the lawsuit, the collection company will be eligible to get a hold of your salaries or seize your bank account assets.


Accounts are being reported to credit bureaus by debt collectors and can have a long-term impact on credit score. You should delete the account from your credit report as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on your credit score. Continue reading to find out more regarding EOS CCA or how to get them off your credit report.


What Is EOS CCA?

EOS CCA, or Collection Company of America, is a major debt collector with approximately 6,000 workforces. It is a debt collection company that may appear on your credit reports if it obtained a debt you owed to a student loan provider, a telecommunications company, a bank, or another agency.

By covering all aspects of receivables management, this debt collector created over $500 million in profit during 2019. It’s a legitimate company with a real identity. They are a major collection agency in the United States established in 1991 in Massachusetts and are now based in Boston.

How Can You Get EOS CCA off Your Credit Reports?

When your main creditor decides to sell your outstanding debt to a debt collection company like EOS CCA, it will probably end up on your credit reports. It’ll most likely appear in collections as an account.

When a debt collection agent calls you, you can always thoroughly check the debt, and to know more about EOS CCA, Click Here. You can also get written details regarding the debt from the debt collector and ensure that you understand your rights under the FDCPA.

In certain situations, It is suggested to consult a credit repair specialist to review your credit report. Letting experts determine your score drop factors will save you a lot of time, effort, and money. 

It’s critical to understand how to clear EOS CCA and other collection companies from your credit file. Failure to do so can inevitably make your financial situation more difficult during the next seven years. It’s not as difficult as it seems, and you can use these easy steps to get rid of it.

Communicate Through Writing

When dealing with a debt collector, one of the first steps you can do is demand that they only interact with you through writing. You can have more control over all the details you get, which would be better in writing than a phone call.

Using writing to communicate with the collection agency will include a paper record of all correspondence. Not only can this clarify arrangements, but the letters could also be used as evidence if the debt collector company takes a lawsuit against you.

You have the right under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to insist that a collection agency only notify you through the mail. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of almost all of their interactions with you and refer to it if necessary. Tell EOS CCA the next time they call that you really are mindful of your rights under the FDCPA and that you are officially demanding that all interactions be sent via U.S. mail.

Validating the Debt

Debt collection companies, such as EOS CCA, receive more inaccurate details than you would expect. On their official records, they might have the wrong name, date, or balance. Ask EOS CCA to validate the debt before you do something. Since incidents happen, confirm that the debt should be yours, that EOS CCA can legitimately collect on it.

They’re a legitimate company, but if the tradeline isn’t valid, such as though it’s not your debt or was recorded in error, this step will help you get everything removed on your credit report. Analyze all documents closely and highlight any details that seem to be incorrect.

You can file a lawsuit with the three major credit bureaus if you notice something which completely contradicts the facts you had about your debt. The account could be removed from your credit report, and you will be able to avoid paying the debt completely.

Negotiate a Settlement

If EOS CCA can verify the debt and you have already paid it, you should negotiate with a pay-for-delete settlement. However, before you begin negotiating, consider what you can manage to pay. 

If ever you have already decided to pay with a negotiated amount of the debt, in return, let them agree to remove it from your credit report. Propose a pay-for-delete arrangement. It implies that you’d like them to agree and remove the collection on your credit report once you’ve paid the full amount.

Final Thoughts 

It’s time to focus on your credit after you’ve made a deal with EOS CCA. A collection of your credit report lowers your credit score significantly. However, credit scores can change dramatically every month. Depending on how you dealt with bills and loans, you can improve or worsen your credit score.

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