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Automation is the trend for most companies these days.

Not only does this ramp up production, but this also improves output quality while reducing operational costs.

But are those the only benefits you can get out of an automated workforce?

Of course, not, as there is a truckload of good things businesses can get out of it. However, just like all things, automation also has its flaws and disadvantages. And that’s what we’ll talk about in this article.


Here, we’ll know all about automation, including its good and bad sides, so you’ll see if this is a good fit for your business.

Advantages of Automation


Lower Operational Costs

One of the best things about automation is that it lowers down operational costs. Automating things means setting up pre-made processes so that you don’t have to manually do it. And manually doing something usually means spending more time to work on it.

This equates to more working hours and higher expenditure on salaries and wages. You don’t have to worry about this with automation because things are done automatically and with great efficiency.

Higher Output Quality

Another nice thing about automation is that it improves your products’ quality. They are done consistently, unlike if it is done by a human workforce where the quality can vary from unit to unit.

This is because humans are emotional beings and their personal experiences, personality, mood, health, and skill level can dictate the quality of their work.

Again, this is not a big deal with an automated workforce because the process is facilitated by machines that are programmed to do a specific task.

Improved Workplace

An automated workforce improves the safety of the working environment. You might have heard about factory workers getting injured from their job.

Well, say goodbye to that because having automated robotics in factories can work on dangerous and repetitive jobs, instead of letting humans do it. This is a very big plus to workplace safety because you are putting your employees’ lives out of harm’s way.

Increased Output Rates

You can produce more units if you have an automated workforce. Unlike humans who need rest, sleep, break, and day-offs, machines can work round the clock without rest.

This can ramp up production quantity, allowing you to increase your profits. You just have to ensure that your machines are maintained well so that they can work properly.

Reduction of Material Waste

Having an automated workforce also lowers down material waste from production because there is a very minimal production error.

Humans can do things incorrectly, which can lead to wasted materials because they can’t anymore use them. Well, that’s not a problem with an automated workforce because they are programmed to do specific things rhythmically.

Disadvantages of Automation


Lack of Control

While there are a lot of good things you can get from automation, you also need to note that there are downsides to it. One of which is the lack of control.

Unlike a human workforce, an automated system is already fixed and set to do highly specific tasks which could not be altered.

Although there are times when they can be edited, most of the time, they cannot. This leaves you little or no freedom to change a task based on your personal preferences.

Initial Expenses

You need to spend a lot of money when shifting to an automated workforce. This usually costs by the thousands of dollars. It might seem like a big disadvantage because of it being an added cost.

This is why they are not recommended for startups or businesses that don’t have a good budget in place. But worry not, because this expense can easily be covered up sooner or later because of the boost in profits generated from the automation.


You need to spend time, effort, and money on maintaining your machines. This is important so that they can function properly and provide you with the benefits you expect to get.

But this isn’t anymore much of a problem these days because automated machines such as those from recognized Scara Robot Manufacturers feature low-maintenance builds.

They’re very durable and highly efficient as well. You need to be careful when you’re choosing one, though, because it should be made by a reputable maker just like Scara.



Having an automated workforce is important if you want your business to succeed. This is very important, especially that the trend is going digital, and the use of hi-tech equipment is becoming the norm.

Just make sure that you know its pros and cons so you can prepare for any challenge that might befall you.

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