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Dedicated server hosting today is the demand of the hour! Every business wants its dedicated server wherein a server is committed for the business-specific need. Dedicated server hosting is a hosting platform that offers the clients’ the commitment of sticking to a single business need. This platform is capable to provide business control and flexibility that organizations may not enjoy with other hosting platforms.

Moreover, when a business has a dedicated server or has the feasibility of windows dedicated server by its side, it becomes easy and capable for the business to manage all functions cheaply and efficiently. Subsequently, it’s of no use sinking too much capital into the business activities, where the result may land the business into trouble.

Why is there a need to choose dedicated servers?

Well, this is the most frequently asked question by all businesses! It is because several companies have the query asking why a dedicated server is an indispensable need for the business today. Well, this is because having a dedicated server, the business ensures boosted security for itself along with the assurance about unmatched business performance. Every business demands heightened performance and a dedicated server helps to bring your business, success by efficient outcomes. After all, which company does not wish to get a dedicated hosting service devoted exclusively to one business performance!

Well, several hosting firms offer cheap cloud server, cheap VPS server hosting services, so choose the one that suits your business needs the best.

Although there are several perks associated with the use of dedicated servers, some myths have always conveyed deceptive thoughts regarding dedicated hosting. To help you get a better and informed choice on dedicated servers, here we debunk some myths related to dedicated server hosting, check out:

Dedicated servers are expensive

Saying dedicated hosting services are very expensive is not correct. With time, there has been a subsequent decrease in the price for dedicated servers. With the advancement in technology and rising competition every next day, the costs have dropped down for the dedicated hosting services.

An average website owner can easily have access to a dedicated server with a monthly subscription, so it is a myth saying dedicated servers are costly.

Several companies offer hosting services, its just essential to crack the right deal with the right organization.

Dedicated servers are treacherous

This is again a myth you must have heard frequently! Many people believe that dedicated servers are unreliable however, it’s not true.

Having a dedicated server for the business, your organization earns flexibility and earns better productive results, as the resources used in dedicated servers are specific for particular business use.

Since the business is free of limits like the ‘unlimited’ plans on shared servers, it is easy for the business to bring supplemented productive results to the clients.

Dedicated server hosting may lead to losing business control

When a business works with a dedicated server control, it receives administrator-level access that helps to attain preferred settings. With the help of this controlled setting, the business has the power to install software, customize it and update whenever required. Therefore, there is no chance of losing business control!

It is a myth saying a dedicated server restricts the business control to specific functions. Contrarily, when the business avoids dedicated servers and chooses shared resources, the choices, and the degree of control diminishes.

To boost business security, you just need to be a tech expert

Some business owners feel they just need to be tech-savvy to nail services to customers! Well, it’s undoubtedly an essential aspect for effective business performance, however, being tech-savvy cannot bring the business the same benefits as a dedicated server hosting.

Some basic knowledge of server is anytime essential, and a hosted solution helps to upgrade the business hardware, which a shared server may not offer.

Having a dedicated server, the business has the opportunity to offer different levels of managed support like business monitoring, operating system maintenance, upgrades, hardware, etc.

When a business gets a dedicated server at work, it gains a functionally rich control panel and there is no need for the in-house agents to have an IT background too.

A dedicated server does not offer any extra support

Saying having a dedicated server brings minimal support is wrong! At times when complications inevitably crop up, a dedicated server helps the business success exponentially.

However, when the business shares the server with other clients, the complications are not dealt with the same ease and swiftness as served by a dedicated server.

Most of the known providers offer technical support to dedicated server clients due to a technicality, which is not possible with a shared server. Thus, all these perquisites debunk the myth that said dedicated servers avoid offering extra support.

The server specs are not significant

A right server spec can help your business influence the visitor towards the site and even helps to avoid the possibility of the visitor dropping off the website. This clears the importance of server specs for business and leaves no reason to explain the significance of server specs anymore!

A dedicated server is fully reserved to satisfy particular business needs like finding the correct balance of RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc. Windows is the most famous OS due to its friendly UI making windows dedicated server hosting the most essential.

Dedicated server hosting is not secure

It is a myth and there is no need to take it seriously! Dedicated servers are secure and trustable, while shared hosting server when misconfigured may lose the business data in the hands of the other users.

Having a dedicated server, the business has sole administrative access that helps to keep the business data private. Moreover, it is secure as it saves the business applications and database from trespassers, spammers, hackers and keeps away all possible malicious activities.

How else can a dedicated server help after all!

Dedicated server and virtual private server are synonyms to each other

Both the virtual and dedicated servers are divided into different websites or hosting accounts and are not to be confused as the same.

Any host can work!

Quality is very crucial for businesses and especially a site with degraded quality will not grab the viewers’ attention, so choosing the host appropriately is essential. Comparing hardware and price is not the only concern, but it is equally vital to stop relying on review sites only, so that the business chooses the correct hosting partner.

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