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A tragic day is coming for the industry, the online servers of Demon’s Souls for PS3 will stop working from February 2018. There are only a couple of months to enjoy one of the best PS3 exclusive, and we tell you more details, In these lines! The online functions of Demon’s Souls will stop operating early next year. It is a tragic loss for collectors who will no longer be able to enjoy their only multiplayer that eventually inspired the Dark Souls saga . The servers ran on behalf of Sony , who guaranteed that they could continue to play the game, but not its multiplayer component.         ” After 9 years of recurring deaths and frustrations but as many triumphs of the dedication, the online servers of Demon’s Souls will be completed on February 28, 2018 ,” reported the official account of Dark Souls on Twitter . Similarly, Sony explained in its Japanese website exactly what this implies. The cooperative modes and invasions will no longer be available, the rankings will disappear, the silhouettes of players will no longer be visible, and the bloodstains and messages of other players will no longer exist. The rest of the game will be playable, but Old Boss will depend exclusively on an artificial intelligence and not on a player on the other side. At first, it was speculated that this closure would only affect the Asian region, but Atlus confirmed that the Americas are also ready to complete the cycle. ” We have mixed emotions when we say goodbye to the service, ” they commented on their website . ” Countless players enjoyed Demon’s Souls and the features they brought when they were a complete novelty .” Demon’s Souls 2009 is a game from From Software , who later developed Dark Souls and Bloodborne inspired by the ideas of this first title. This game is one of the latest pure and high profile exclusive that is left to the PlayStation 3 , which can not be played on any other platform , in addition to the brilliant Metal Gear Solid 4 . The loss of its online component is a real tragedy for fans of gaming and the preservation of video games. However, you do not have to become the Nexus and lose hope – the director Hidetaka MiyazakiHe mentioned in an interview last year that it would not hurt for another studio other than From Software to remake Demon’s Souls .]]>

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