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Within the wide range of health insurance, dental insurance is of special relevance when it comes to families with children. But, in general, it is an excellent tool to address one of the most notable social security deficiencies, oral health.

Dental Insurance:

Dental insurance has been part of the health-related insurance offer for a long time. But, it is true, that it has been in recent years when it has gained relevance both within health insurance itself and a basic part thereof, as hired independently as specialized insurance.

The importance of dental insurance:

In the first place, dental insurance, in the same way as health insurance in general, offers the guarantee of specialized care without waiting lists in cases of emergency and the professional care that social security does not provide.

An example of the former is the need for extraction with or without surgery, and several examples of the latter may be caries treatment, orthodontics or implants or oral cleaning.

That is, what dental insurance guarantees us is, on the one hand, immediate professional assistance, and on the other hand, all the usual services for oral health assuming much less cost in general of the average cost of such treatments. If you want more details on this, you can ask to your near by dental clinic.

What does dental insurance cover?

In addition to discounts on treatments such as whitening and orthodontics, dental insurance offers its clients a series of coverage or services included. Before you purchase any dental insurance, it is advisable to consult your family dental clinic.

Although there are important differences even among the different products offered by the same insurance company, the vast majority of dental insurance have this coverage:

Preventive dentistry:

Dental insurance is primarily a tool to prevent oral problems, and that is why dental insurance includes all preventive dentistry treatments for free, both in adults and in pediatric dentistry.

We refer to regular consultations and check-ups with your dentist, but also free oral cleaning, which can be enjoyed by all insured and that is crucial to avoid the appearance of tooth decay and gum problems.

Dental insurance coverage also includes fissure seals, treatment to correct small cracks in teeth that do not need a filling, and treatments for dental sensitivity within this section.

Diagnostic tests:

Those who have contracted dental insurance do not have to pay for any of the diagnostic imaging tests necessary to correctly study any more serious oral problem.

Among the tests covered by dental insurance are known as radiographs and lateral skull. The best dental insurances also include dental TAC, an essential test to deal with treatments of certain complexity such as dental implants.

Extractions and other oral surgeries:

The goal of dental insurance is to help you preserve all your natural teeth. But when, for whatever reason, that is not possible, they also help their clients. The best dental policies also cover all the extractions you need, be they dental pieces or cords, commonly called wisdom teeth, throughout your life.

Orthodontics and implants:

Many patients who need one or more extractions then require an implant that replaces the lost natural tooth. To help them, dental insurance also covers the implant study necessary before performing the intervention, as well as the maintenance of the implant during its warranty period.

Similarly, dental insurance companies cover the radiological study of orthodontics necessary before starting treatment with braces or other different kinds of dental appliances. Also they cover first replacement of braces.

Types of dental insurance:

We could say that there are different types of dental insurance, but the truth is that what exists are different configurations for this type of insurance.


Today the evolution of the insurance market makes the specialization is increasing and one of the keys of the specialization is flexibility at the time of configuring the insurance. In this way, the client can add or choose those configurations that suit him according to his personal or family characteristics.

The most basic dental insurances will include basic preventive treatments such as the revisions themselves and in the case of children the fluoridations. It also includes annual cleaning, extractions, and maintenance repair of prostheses. Of course, urgent services and care and access to the rest of the services from high discounts.

If you are in search of the best dental insurance, you can also ask a dental clinic near me for better guidance.


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