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Types of Cosmetic surgery

Often, several people may not be happy with the way that they look or feel about themselves. Well, yes, the majority of them might be celebs. But then beauty goals are for everyone. Such that the world of medicine and surgery has made it possible to adjust any aspect of your physical appearance.

Also known as cosmetic surgery, it’s a surgery that can be opted by anyone to change any aspect of their body, and there are several types that you can choose from. Dr. Haitham Masri from Michigan has explained this in detail. Hence, let’s take a closer look at the different cosmetic surgery options.

Breast Augmentation

For those looking to change the size of their breasts, then breast augmentation helps in doing so. You can either increase your breast size or uplift them or even reduce the overall size of the breast through breast augmentation.


Often, this type of cosmetic surgery is used in repairing and healing of any ruptured skin and replace it with a new layer of skin. The result is smooth and younger-looking skin in the region. Several hospitals that offer cosmetic surgery in Delhi offer this treatment at a broader scale.


Well, if you witness wrinkled skin, sagging skin on your face and are looking for an immediate alternative, then facelift helps in overcoming all of these problems. The procedure helps in the removal of excess skin, damaged skin, and much more. Often, neck lifts are quite standard with facelifts.

Hair Transplantation

Hair restoration is quite common, and for those needing an immediate solution in having hair back on their heads, the hair transplant can provide effective solutions. In just a couple of sessions, the hair follicles are replaced with healthier ones that are permanent and need proper care and treatment after the procedure is completed.


The Rhinoplasty surgery targets the nose where you can either reshape and repair any damaged areas of the nose. Well, the procedure is used either for medical purposes or cosmetic region to avail of a longer or shorter nose. In some cases, we have seen patient have to face the problem of face swelling, but there are some simple ways to get rid of swelling after Rhinoplasty surgery.

Lip Augmentation

The procedure helps in availing fuller-looking lips. Such that there are injectors known as dermal fillers that are injected into your lips to increase the shape, orientation, volume, and other physical aspects of the lips. But the aftereffects of the procedure don’t stay permanently. It could last only for 6-7 months and would need additional care and treatment to retain the operated lips. Based on the hospital that you might have chosen for the cosmetic surgery in Delhi, the results might vary.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a procedure that lets you reshape the abdomen. It allows you to remove the excess fat under the skin and give it a definite profile to the region. It helps in the eradication of sagging skin but cannot remove stretch marks.

In recent times the lines have blurred but there is a significant difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon. A cosmetic surgeon focuses on enhancing your appearance using surgical and medical techniques. While a plastic surgeon focuses on the specialty dedicated to the reconstruction of facial and body defects usually due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Reach out to a plastic surgeon in Louisville to get a consultation and determine what your next steps are

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