Sun. Apr 21st, 2024
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It appears that the quarantine period is likely to be extended as the world arms up to combat the deadly Coronavirus. In times like these, it is crucial for us to take our prevention in our own hands, and stay indoors.

Staying indoors can be difficult, especially when it is no longer a choice. Boredom and lethargy are driving us all crazy, but look at it this way: you can use all this time to play your favorite video games.

We have picked out some of the best video games that you can enjoy to make quarantine fun and exciting.

Here, look at our picks:

Call of Duty

This smartphone game has given a tough competition to PUBG in terms of its immersive graphics and gripping gameplay. Call of Duty looks strikingly refreshing as compared to other action-themed games. It comes with an alluring series of visual arts and graphics, which make it one of the best multiplayer shooter games. It can be played on both iOS and Android platforms. You can explore various game modes and maps, and some incredible new features.

For instance, the unique Loadout feature is truly one-of-a-kind, which allows guns to be unlocked as per your game levels. The Battle Royale mode is highly recommended for PUBG fans for a thrilling shooting experience. It’s a fan game choice to play with your friend during live voice and video calls.

Empire of Sin

If you adore gangster-theme storylines, the Empire of Sin is the ultimate game for you to play. It allows you to become an aspiring criminal in Chicago, navigating your way to riches in the Prohibition era. The entire game is focused on making a name for yourself as a notorious criminal overload. You have to play it smart to ensure your rise to the top and create a formidable criminal empire.

This game comes highly recommended on popular gaming blogs. It’s all about navigating one’s way through mean streets and competing for the crown. We simply adore the romantic drama created by the 20s-inspired ambience and the X-COM strategy action. The Empire of Sin is incredibly intriguing and packed with action.


An old game continues to maintain its popularity with amazing upgrades and never-ending fun. Developed by Warner Bros. Enterprises, Psych can be played on a smartphone. It involves multiple decks that come with general trivia and personal questions. The game is immensely fun and exciting and will keep you hooked for hours. Once you install the game, you will have to select trivia questions.

Every player has to written answer that is seemingly real to get a chance of being chosen by other players. Here’s the twist: the right answer won’t get you any points. You get points for the number of players picking your answer.


Another exciting game to play with your friends and family, QuizUp is endlessly intriguing. If you adore quizzes, this is the ultimate game to keep you hooked for hours. It is an old game that can be played with multiple players. You can pick any category that you may want to compete on. It could be a TV Show, art, movies or historical accounts.

You can choose any topic and play with other players from across the world. This trivia game comes with 10 seconds for answering a question. The points are calculated based on your answering speed. Your profile allows you to explore insights into your responses and improve your scores. The best part is, QuizUp allows you to make new friends and chat with them too.

Iron Man VR

Who wouldn’t adore the idea of wearing the Iron Man suit and kicking bad guys around? After Marvel’s Spider-Man was introduced, gamers witnessed a renewed confidence in the MCU superhero game offerings. Iron Mar VR is undoubtedly going to be a striking innovation that has much excitement to offer. It comes with an immersive us VR, which will certainly amplify the action and make the experience more rewarding.

This is the perfect time to step inside Iron Man’s suit and become a Marvel superhero. Naturally, the use of VR will make the superhero experience much more real and fulfilling.


We sincerely hope our roundup of games proved helpful and inspiring. If you adore gaming as much as we do, you’re probably looking forward to playing some of the titles mentioned above. Stay safe, stay indoors and let the gaming season begin!

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