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Have you ever played slots online? If yes, there is a big chance you have been fascinated by the enormous supply of different slots available. Online casinos use slots as the perfect starting point for any visitor. They are fun and easy to play. Anybody can play slots.

The simplicity of the game does, however, not translate into a simple supply of games. Developers have come up with the most exciting ideas when trying to create the next big slots game.

Here is an overview of the most common types of slots.

Classic slots

If you would like to get the same feeling as in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino, classic slots might be your pick. These slot machines only have the basics: the reels and a button. The classic PGSLOT usually has three reels but sometimes five. The design is usually quite basic also. You focus on the game. That’s it

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are a kind of slot machine where more than one player compete for a higher price, a jackpot. As more people join the game, the prize increases. It is much harder to score on progressive slots, but the payout can be huge.

Video slots

Betflix slot developers have come up with more and more exciting designs to attract a wider crowd of players to online casinos. Video slots have everything classic slots have, but with added graphics and sounds. There are thousands of themes for video slots. Play your game on a deserted island, in the jungle or on Mars! Video slots are pure fun.

3D slots

3D slots are even more advanced than video slots. It is a game where the developer has put a lot of focus in developing engaging 3D environments. You as a player can navigate through the interface and explore the game much like in a computer game. Sometimes 3D slots require you to install an app or a software on your smartphone or computer.

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