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Sikkim is one of the beautiful places to have an escape from the chaos and manic life. Surrounded by the third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga, this place will fail your wanderlust. If you’re looking for inner peace, then Sikkim tour is the only thing that you are in dire need of.

Revel in the charming landscape which is covered with snow-fed lakes and multiple valleys. Oh, and the wildlife has no bounds! Explore Sikkim, a true gem in this country with your loved ones. Undeniably, this place stands as a magnificent beauty that has many divine monasteries and multicultural centers. Book your Sikkim tour packages and we have created an itinerary for all the magical places to be covered in the list.

The itinerary as follows;

Day 1

Gangtok is one of the enchanting places and you can sightsee the wildlife with your bare eyes. There are many cultural sights that this capital serves. It is the perfect place for travelers who are wishing for excellent views and a calm getaway. One can’t stop gushing about the beauty and perhaps, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine all this place has to offer. While you enjoy the Sikkim cuisine, don’t miss the delectable momos of this place. The taste is super authentic and will stay on your tastebuds for a lifetime!

Things to do in Gangtok

There is no dearth of specific things to be done at the capital of this place. Hence, we have handpicked a few, wonderfully exuberant places to make your travel amazing.

  1. Rumbek Monastery is impeccably beautiful and offers amazing interiors. Go for a religious trail with your kids and spin the wheel of prayers.
  2. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology offers a bright culture. Don’t miss this place in front of our itinerary. Get into the skin of Sikkim and learn more about its traditions and values.
  3. If you wish to get an experience of climbing on the top and overlooking the entire city, then take a cable car that gives you the view of Gangtok as a whole. The zig-zag ride will give you an insight into this beautiful city.
  4. Tap on different monasteries that are less-known.
  5. If you are somebody who enjoys watching sunsets, then Tashi View Point is the place to be at.

Day 2

Tsongmo Lake

It is situated at an altitude of 12,300 feet. Changu or Tsongmo Lake the jewels of Sikkim. The name refers to the source of water. However, it turns out to be a field of snow in the winter season. If you wish to go during the spring season, you can see the Alpine flowers and a streak of variety of colors in this different kind of landscape altogether. Book an SUV to visit this place and one should ideally leave as soon as possible.

Things to do in Lake Tsongmo

  1. Visit the Nathu La once you are totally awed by the beauty of this pristine blue waters lake.
  2. Enjoy a hot cup of noodles and call of your hunger pangs. Don’t forget to click the best shots of the panoramic views by the lake.
  3. Hanuman Tok is one temple that is at 7.2000 feet above. For a divine time, visit this temple for sure.

Day 3


Ever heard of utopian fantasy? If yes, then you must experience what Lachung actually feels like.

Explore the mountain villages that are almost close to flawless beauty. Enjoy strolling in the apple orchards and complemented with the milky cascades. We have heard that travelers usually get smitten by the handicrafts and the pristine beauty of Lachung. It’s at a distance of three hours from the main city, Gangtok. You can take a jeep or book an SUV accordingly.

Things to do in Lachung

Find new handicraft centers and create your fairytale story by adding a spark at the apple orchards. Discover new monasteries with your loved ones.

Day 4

Yumthang Valley

It is also termed as the “Valley of Flowers”. It stands top at 1,800 feet. The meadows take the landscape beautifully. The rivers flow gracefully like the water is prancing and spreading tranquility. This place is a perfect spot for all nature lovers. Take a trip to this ideal destination.

Things to do in Yumthang Valley

  1. Get some sun and enjoy the surreal environment of Yumthang Valley. It is a true paradise in Sikkim. Indulge in a snow fight with your friends or cousins.
  2. Is hunger pangs kicked in, drive to the zero point area and slurp on steaming hot momos, and soup Maggi noodles alongside.

Day 5


If any other place is popular after Gangtok, then it has to be Pelling at Sikkim. You can see the views of the cliffs of Mount Kanchenjunga. The tourists are usually bounded by the beauty that this place has to offer. It is a very small town that is located in the foothills of one of the world’s biggest mountains. Visit the Pemayangste monastery, it is hardly a kilometer away and calls for the most loved tourist spot. Don’t forget to book your ride in advance. If you wish to enjoy the beautiful sights, you need to start as early as possible and leave in the early morning itself from home. This place is naturally therapeutic. Laze around the sun and enjoy the cultural festivals that this place has in store for you.

Things to do in Pelling

  1. Mt Kanchenjunga depicts the scenic views from Pelling. If you are traveling for the first time or the last time, we can bet on the same that you must be mesmerized by the beauty of the surroundings.
  2. Sewaro Rock Garden is one of the best chosen picnic spots. Go for a family lunch or an evening snack here and enjoy the indigenous wildlife.
  3. As you find calm in the chaos; the same way this petite monastery- Pemayangtse Monastery is perfect for the people who want some divine time with themselves.



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