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There are a number of waterproofing solutions available which can help in sealing your wet basement from different leaks and issues. Basement Water Proofing PD offers all types of waterproofing services to meet your needs and you will get complete satisfaction:


  • Exterior Waterproofing: 


A common basement foundation repair requires waterproofing contractors to dig up the base and reach the source. Exterior waterproofing also called external waterproofing repairs the leakage in the basement from outside the house by digging to the foundation and installing a waterproofing system which will redirect and scatter water away from your basement walls. It is one of the most used waterproofing solutions used to fix basement leakages.


  • Interior waterproofing


While walking down the stairs, have you ever felt the walls wet or your basement moist? Does your basement smell? If yes, then there is leakage issue. Interior waterproofing also called internal waterproofing is used when the moisture in your basement doesn’t get scattered in the right manner. Interior waterproofing is recommended for a moist and wet basement can be used to waterproof your house from the inside. If your basement is moist and wet, then you should get an interior waterproofing done to prevent mold and mildew growth. It also takes care of hydrostatic pressure which builds cause of moist basement.  

The cost of internal waterproofing is less than external waterproofing but it depends on the kind of leakage your foundation is facing.


  • Underpinning


If you need more liveable area in your house, underpinning is recommended to expand the area of your basement. It offers you more height and also additional square footage. Such foundation repair makes the waterproofing companies expose to the footing of your home and make the basement floor at that level, thereby adding more liveable space to your home.  

First and foremost, benching is done in the procedure of basement lowering to render strength to your basement walls and lower the chances of basement leakage or structural cracks.

The procedure is also called basement lowering and is quite common in the older homes of Toronto.  Previously in older homes, basement wasn’t meant to be a living area and it had low ceilings and open ductwork, generating low headroom for people.

Though the procedure is time-taking and labour intensive, it enhances the value of your house to a great extent.


  • Structural crack repair


One kind of waterproofing service rendered by basement waterproofing Toronto companies is structural crack repairs. It is a cheaper and more effective remedy under specific conditions. Cracks in your basement can cause leakage in your house. Epoxy is injected in the cracks to fill them and bond it together.   

However, not all foundation cracks can be repaired. Hence you should consult a contractor to do an inspection first and then suggest the right option for your leaky basement.

These are the four common waterproofing services offered in Toronto. offers you a free estimate and consultation to suggest which one is suitable for your house.   

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