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Carpets add royalty and standard to a place. They attract the attention of the onlookers and often people take out praises for them. They don’t just make your room look glamorous but also brings grace which no other décor can yield.

Carpets prove to be a great attraction. While on one side they give your house a brilliant ambience and attracts praise, on the other side, they attract allergens, germs and dust. Hence, it is very important to get your carpets cleaned regularly. For appropriate cleanliness of the carpets, you need the right skill and tenderness.  This is where professional carpet cleaning company comes in for help. They possess the skill and knowledge to resurrect the beauty, colour and cleanliness of your carpets. However, there are a few things which you should keep in mind when hiring professional carpet cleaning company in Edmonton:

Experience of the cleaners

Carpets are a delicate home décor object; hence they demand professional and experienced care. It is important to find out about the experience of the carpet cleaners. Their experience will give you the impression of how good they are at work.

Go through their online reviews and check the social media handles. You can also look at online forums to get genuine reviews about them.

For the record, Canada Clean Home is one of the most professionals and experienced carpet cleaning company in Edmonton. 

Carpet cleaning license

Find out if the cleaning company is licensed or not. Always perform a background check when hiring a carpet cleaning service. If the company has a certified license and right cleaning knowledge, then you can hire them.

Price of carpet cleaning

Pricing is important whenever you are taking any service. However, remember you don’t choose the lowest price. The lowest price may mean that the employees don’t have the right equipment and technique to give you desired results. Also, know about the refund policy of the company. 

Methods of carpet cleaning

Before choosing a service provider, find out about the methods they use for cleaning your carpets. The kind of method will determine the cleaning duration and price for the service. It is suggested to choose the best method for your carpet. Also, when choosing the method of cleaning, keep your budget in mind. 

Quality cleaning guaranteed

Find out if the carpet cleaning agency offers guaranteed cleaning services or not. Sometimes, even after cleaning, the stain doesn’t go from the upholstery or carpet. So make sure the company you have chosen offers a guarantee for considerable time.


If you are in need of residential or commercial carpet cleaning services, then is your one-stop solution. The company has professional cleaners and best technology to yield extraordinary results. It aims to give you top-notch service in an effective manner. With years of experience and brilliant service, it has become one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Edmonton. Call us and give your carpets their lost sheen and colours.

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