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Corporate law firms specialise in providing expert counselling services within the latitude of corporate law. They also deal with internal corporate rules, transfer of shares, holding of General Meetings, drafting of memorandum of association and articles of association as well. It helps the clients in incorporating any changes in these and different contracts. You will get a lot of help from them regarding the performance of statutory body of your company and even in the formation and establishment of branches in any domestic or foreign region. In short, corporate law firms provide legal support to business entities to ensure liquidation of these corporations.

Changing Business Scenario

Corporate law firms usually work for the benefit of foreign clients who like to invest in a country being attracted by the opportunities and economic policies. Whether it is the technology sector or manufacturing industries, IT enabled services or call centres, over the years India has projected itself as a land of immense opportunities. However, business laws and regulations differ from other countries. Naturally without the help and guidance of the corporate law firms no foreign business entity can sustain the way it should and is expected. With the ever changing scenario of business and the rules governing it especially the foreign investments sector, safety and security is paramount and provided by these firms.

Different Corporate Services

Introduction of 100% direct investment policy in key sectors such as manufacturing has increased the foreign investment opportunity even more. The Corporate Lawyers Firms in India help the foreign companies to make the best use of cheap labour, low cost and big market, investment promotion schemes, different subsidies and concessions announced by the Government of India to the foreign investors. Apart from the basics, the law firms come as a great help to these foreign firms offering specialised corporate services such as feasibility report study and preparation, help in obtaining required approvals from the government, permission from the Reserve Bank of India and much more.

Feasibility Report Study

To make the best out of the investment opportunity in a country it is important to know all the contributing factors to explore the possibilities even better. These factors include different government schemes, tax structure, strategic location of the business and its activity, import export duties and policies, Government clearances, basic infrastructure requirement and its availability, FDI check, market scopes and trends, labour regulations and much more. If the company is engaged in a joint venture then it is also required to know the different elements of the joint venture proposals as well as the diligence of each JV partner.

Help With Government Approvals

Any foreign investor wanting to start a business in a foreign land will need to have all the required permissions and approval. Applications must be made in the prescribed format to the relevant official bodies of the government to the license and other important documents. These official bodies include various departments of the local governments, fire department, tax authorities, urban development, statutory authorities of pollution control board and others. The Corporate Law Firms in India will help in this aspect as well.

Permission From Reserve Bank

These days applying for these documents and approvals are simpler than before but it requires a constant follow up and compliance with the requirements. One such requirement is the permission from the Reserve Bank. This is the central bank that determines and controls the fiscal policies of the country that includes foreign exchange regulations. The permission is required to make repatriation of funds and disbursing of dividends easier. It will take away the worries of any changes in foreign investment policies.


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