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I have been a minimalist for the last two years. Despite that, it has not been easy; it’s the most fulfilling journey I have been on. Starting this initiative, the focus was basically on my lifestyle. More specifically, material things like clothes and jewelry. For the longest time, I have always been a hoarder. But after reading the Marie Kondo book, I had to try at least. First, I had to start by decluttering. Then slowing let the process morph into minimalism. If there is something I have learned is to value things that matter. From many of the research papers, people are yet to appreciate the benefits linked to minimalism. Lack of knowledge and information has been a significant hindrance. Minimalism is a lifestyle that will see you transform every aspect of your life.

Speaking of changing every area of your life, digital minimalism comes to mind. Being in the digital era is excellent. We have been exposed to many possibilities that would be impossible without technology. Every business has automated many of its operations due to technological advancements.  Many young people have created their careers by venturing into content creations made possible by the popularity of social media. But on the flip side, there is too much going on in the online world. There are bullies, trolls, and just weirdos who can frustrate your life. Being that our interactions have been affected by social media, digital minimalism will make a difference.

What You Need to Know

  1. The 2019 digital report shows that we spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online every day. Half of this time is spent on mobile devices.
  2. Every second, at least eleven people use social media for the first time.
  3. Presently, there are 3.8 million people who use social media.
  4. 1 of every 2 minutes spent on social media is spent on leisure activities.

What is digital minimalism anyway?

Digital minimalism is focused on our interactions with personal technology. Being in a generation that is technology-motivated, it’s about knowing how much is enough. Embracing digital minimalism allows you to evaluate digital communication tools that add value to your life. It works on the ideology that eliminating digital noise can significantly improve your life. With technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it can distract us from things that we value. This is an influence that keeps growing by the day.

Principles of Digital Minimalism

  1. Technology should be used intentionally

Personal technology is readily available and affordable. How you use it is entirely your decision. Unless you are below the age of 18, controlling your use of technology is quite difficult. This is the reason why you need to be intentional about it. Just like physical things can take us off track, technology can too. It is safe to say that many people are addicted to their devices. Habitual use without purpose will see you consumed in the world of technology. Just like essay writing being intentional about personal technology helps you gain transferable skills. You learn to value essential things in life.

  1. Technology is not an escape for your issues.

We overuse technology because it offers short-term emotional relief. Every time we are sad, bored, happy, or nostalgic, personal technology is our escape. As much as there are many entertainment platforms online, you cannot always rely on it to feel better. But avoiding issues is what will see you suffer in the long haul. Instead, you can use technology to create opportunities that will elevate your life.

  • Technology should not be prioritized before people.

You know those people who are always looking at their phones when you are together? This is what I am talking about. The promise that technology keeps us connected can be quite misleading. Personal technology is so often the cause of isolation and disconnection from the important people in our lives.  Digital minimalism will help put everything in perspective. It is a reminder that people should always come before personal technology.

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