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There is a shortcut for planning a very special dinner party for a special one. Hire one of the event planning companies offering the best-rated and personalized event planning services. These companies are creative and equipped enough to make the event better than your expectations. If you want to be at the helm, you have to plan everything on your own and you need time for that.

The timeline of a memorable dinner party starts a month before the event. Start with the following:

  • Choose a theme.
  • Verifications of dates with calendars.
  • Plan the party flow
  • Plan menu
  • Send the invitation (if it is not a surprise party)

Choosing The Theme

In addition to being interesting, the theme can be topical and seasonal as well. You do not need to host a costume party. Craft something allowing your guests or the special one to dress appropriately. You can easily achieve this within your reasonable budget. The right theme can stir interesting conversation. Choosing the right theme can easily bring the entire dinner party together. The theme can also help in your meal plans. For example, it is autumn. You can choose a fall-related theme. The dinner party is during the spring. There are beautiful florals in bloom. You can mirror dishes after different flowers.

Verify Dates With Calendars And Guests

There is research involved in every step of the dinner party planning. When it comes to verification of dates, make sure that there is no other lavish party or event falling on the same day. Make sure that your guests are available in the evening. Shuffle if you have to shuffle things around. First and foremost, there should be no scheduling conflicts.
If ten guests are going to attend the event, you can check with your guests. If you are expecting 20 or more guests, you should not try to work with everyone’s schedule. It’s because you can’t.

Plan The Party Flow

Plan a flow that makes sense. It is probably a good idea to start with a dessert. Make sure that your guests have fun. They can enjoy the party flavors in the best possible and easy-going manner. You can start the event with light music. Make sure that the music does not go over the top. You can offer a cocktail with the light music and then move on to dinner and nightcaps.

Plan The Menu

Don’t plan your dishes at the last minute. You should be aware of what you are going to prepare. Search and bookmark recipes ahead of time. If you have time, try these recipes to make sure that things will not get complicated at the time of execution. Don’t forget that you have selected a theme for the dinner party. Make sure that the menu you are planning fits the theme of the party.

Send Out Invitations

Once you have planned everything, what and how you are going to do, it is time to send out the invitations. Make sure that you are including the dinner party theme on both the invitation and menu. You are most likely to be aware of what your guests love to eat. Make sure that you are keeping their dietary restrictions in mind.

If you think that this is too much for you to handle, you can hire one of the best catering and event planning companies for event planning services. When you are working with one such company, you do not need to waste your time on searching for the perfect venue for the dinner party. The company can save your money and valuable time. This is one place where you can find and book venues for different types of events. Some companies can even help you in choosing the theme, verifying the dates, planning the party flow, planning the menu and sending out invitations. However, make sure that you are hiring a company that also offers on-site support and management.

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