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Discover the Cost of Advertising Trucks

Marketing and advertising strategies are tricky, and with so much emphasis placed on social media marketing, it’s easy for brands to forget that there are many physical options for advertising campaigns. When thinking about what kind of physical and outdoor advertising to prioritize, consider how far certain ads actually reach. Posters and billboards are great for movies and certain products, but most brands need something that’s going to be a little more far reaching than that. Advertising trucks are one great option which will allow you to brand a company’s vehicle with your name or ad campaign, taking your brand name, image and message all around the cities you target for your campaign. If you’re curious about truck advertising, what it is and how much it costs, keep reading to learn a little more info! 

What are They? 

Truck advertising is a form of advertising that gets wrapped or displayed on a truck. Advertising trucks can come in a few different forms, including static imagery and branding or digital screens displaying content or ad runs. Digital screens are beneficial because they will be more visible with poor or obstructed lighting and they’ll be more engaging that a typical static billboard would. Which is best for you all depends on your desires, budget and brand identity. Next, let’s talk about how truck advertising typically works. Advertising trucks are designed solely with the purpose of running an advertising campaign. If you’ve ever visited a city such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York, you’ve likely seen some examples of truck advertising while walking around central city areas. 

How Does It Work? 

First and foremost, you’ll need to find and connect with a company that rents trucks for advertising. From there, how your campaign runs and how long it runs depends on your budget and the audience you’re hoping to reach. Once the campaign details and truck routes are determined, it’s a fairly simple process from there to let your fleet of branded trucks do their thing. Of course, you can use them however you’d like, but the most effective campaigns tend to be events or sales that you want to get the word out about quickly and targeting a wide range of people. The route you choose for your campaign is key, and brands should think critically about what routes will target their desired range of demographics. If you’re looking for young tourists, for example, then you’ll want to focus your campaign along routes where tourists might be such as outdoor shopping areas, museums or concert venues. 


The biggest benefits of truck advertising are that they are mobile, so you can reach a larger and more diverse population of potential customers, and that they offer a variety of options for your content type. Having the option of both static and dynamic content with the ability to be mobile and move around the city is a great advantage for brands trying to get the word out about a big sale they have coming up or a special event happening at their store. Not to mention that these kinds of ads are extremely eye-catching and especially effective in dense urban areas such as Los Angeles, Seattle or New York City. Truck advertising is a great way to fortify other areas of advertising as well, such as your social media and online presence. Ad campaigns aren’t always to sell a specific product, sometimes the benefit you’ll get is more awareness about your brand, what you do and where people can find you. 

How Much Do They Cost? 

Finally, let’s talk about the cost of truck advertising. Obviously, there are a few factors that will go into this. Are you planning to run static billboards or simply wrap trucks with details about your sale or brand? Or do you plan to use trucks with digital LED screens? Screens will cost a little bit more, as will adding trucks to your fleet. However, many companies will offer bulk discounts so that you’re paying less per unit. Per truck, the pricing can range from around $800 up to almost $4000 depending on whether or not you’re using digital screens, and the complexity of your design. 

Advertising trucks are a great way to get the message out about sales and events while getting your name and online presence out there. Truck advertising offers a range of options from static to dynamic content. Since they’re mobile, they can reach a larger audience than a typical poster or billboard would. Depending on your budget and desired content, you could run a small truck campaign for fairly cheap, or run a full fleet of trucks if your brand has the budget to do so. Whatever you choose, truck advertising is a great way to reach a large demographic of customers for a fairly affordable price range. 

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