Thu. May 30th, 2024
With the world still recovering from the destruction caused by the pandemic also known as the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, a few nations have started to ease lockdown restrictions, but still, they are nowhere near the complete reopening of everything especially the places that have high chances of spreading the virus, places like this include our educational institutes. The traditional form of education from which we are all familiar has taken quite a few setbacks and we do not know for certain for when the situation will return to normal. But during this crisis another form of education has also emerged, this form is not new to us but was overlooked or considered weak as compared to the traditional method of education, this method is referred as distance teaching.

What is Distance Teaching?

Distance teaching is the practice of conducting classes over the internet using some sort of tools available, the tutor creates user-friendly content and shares the content over the internet which is then viewed by the students and they post questions on certain boards that are then answered by the tutors.

Pros and Cons of Distance Teaching

Like everything in life, this mode of communication also has its pros and cons the major pros of this that it saves time that is wasted in traveling to and from school, it allows students and teachers to continue on with part-time work more easily and it also allows people to have a more flexible work-study schedule. The major downfalls of this are that nothing can make up for the lack of physical interaction, plus the lack of available tools use to make it less interesting and less motivational for the students. But there are certain tools that can help with making distance teaching more interesting and motivational.

Tools available for Distance Teaching

FlipHTML5 is a software that is being used for by tutors all over the world during this time of crisis, it makes online teaching efficient and more interesting. The software in question is used to make flipbooks from any source PDF, DOC, or PPT document. The flipbooks can be enriched with videos, images, and animations. The flipbooks are compatible with all devices including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, and PCs. FlipHTML5 is easy to use and requires no beforehand training and can publish documents online and offline likewise in a matter of minutes. The flipbooks can be embedded in WordPress sites and can be customized to be interactive hence tutors can use them for quizzes and assignments as well, making it a suitable companion for the tutors during these times and after this pandemic as well.

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