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Do you think the same that your children are homebound because of the pandemic that has enveloped our world? It is a stressful situation for all of us. However, as adults, we must try to keep ourselves active at home and do involve ourselves in things we enjoy doing at home, be it cooking, organizing, or catching up with old pals over FaceTime.on the contrary, your kids have no idea what is happening to the world or how to cope with it. So, you have to be responsible for them. Even if you do not want to get out of your bed, you have to because someone is counting on you to make their day worthwhile. The most important thing which will also keep your children busy for a big chunk of the day is their education. You must ensure that there does not come a gap in your child’s learning. So, he or she can connect to school when it reopens. Hereunder are the six education’s tips so your children can keep learning during Covid-19 in a healthy and fun way:

  1. Set the Routine and Environment


First things first, you need to set the routine. It is best if you make a rough routine for yourself and then try to fix your kids’ routine with them. Sit with them, talk to them about education and how it will be a good idea if they give some time to learning and set specific hours for that. Also, set time to play and to let them do what they enjoy the most be it watching cartoons or playing video games. It is also essential to set breaks during study time, so they do not feel overwhelmed. Once your routine is ready to implement, set your house. Make sure it is not messy, which will make you and your kids feel demotivated. Precisely set the area where your kids will be studying with proper props like notepads, laptops, and books.

  1. Find New Online Learning Websites

Since your kids are not going to their school, you need to find ways through which your kids can continue to learn. If the school of your kid is making him/her stay busy with some fun learning activities, that is cool, and you should encourage your kids to take those classes. Moreover, you can make your kids have online NAPLAN tutoring, so they do not fail their upcoming test. Furthermore, you can look for science podcasts for children or videos for kids available on NASA’s website or other websites as such through which your kids can interestingly gain knowledge.

  1. Stay Connected to your Kids’ Schools

Another great tip to get more tips is to stay connected to your kids’ education facilities. It is best if the school lets you connect with your kids’ teachers. Then, you will be able to help your kids in the areas they need help so they can bridge the gap while they have the chance. It will also allow you to know any extra online activity they are working on for their kids to stay connected to education. If any teacher has some free time on his hand, he might agree to tutor your kid, which would be great for both your kid and you.

  1. Keep them Physically Active

One of the most important things to keep in mind during this pandemic is to make sure your kids remain healthy and safe. For that, they will need to be physically active. You need to ensure that they get themselves involved in games that enable them to be physically active. Do not mind if they are making much noise and running all around the house because it is keeping their minds and little bodies busy, healthy, and happy. Also, it is an excellent time for you to cook fun and healthy things for yourself and your kids. While ensuring the health of your kids, make sure you are eating and exercising too.

  1. Eliminate All Distractions

It is often complicated for kids to focus on their learning. Especially now, when they have so much time on hands to waste in front of the screen, it is not easy to make them stick to books and online studies even for a couple of hours. So, the first thing you need to do is to understand their distractions and eliminate them from their study place. Also, involve yourself in a book and sit with them instead of chatting away on the phone or looking at your social media so they can be motivated and inspired by you.

  1. Involve your kids’ friends

Just like you, your kids, no matter how young, have social connections that they love, and you must acknowledge and respect them as a parent. In the time of Corona, your kids must stay in contact with their friends. If they have good friends from school, you can contact their parents and come up with a plan to study through FaceTime. It will enable your kids to enjoy and stick to books.


Similar to you, your kids are having a hard time during COVID-19, so do not belittle their frustration. Communicate with them more to know if they are doing okay. Listen to them and understand what they want to learn about and focus on that subject. Also, even if they are doing little, appreciate them, and celebrate small achievements. Spending productive time with your kids will not only help them during this time but will also help you have a good time. Stay there, and you got this!


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