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DIY Or Professional Pest Control: Which Is Best For You?

Ideally, a householder will never have to deal with pests. Unfortunately, our homes offer everything pest control mississauga could need to survive and even flourish. Add to this the likely ratio of rats to people is between one to ten people per rat, and you can easily see why you will be facing some sort of pest issue.

However, the simple truth is that you are better off calling the professionals. Here’s why you should be ringing your local pest control today:

It’s Cheaper

Surprisingly, you’ll find it cheaper to get the professionals in that to do it yourself. Sure, they will cost you money and that’s going to be more than the initial batch of products at the store. But, there are several factors that mean your overall costs are highly like to be more than the cost of a professional.

  • The wrong treatment

The professionals are trained, they know what pests operate in your area and they can recognize the signs at your home, telling them which type of pest they are dealing with. This allows them to treat the pest infection and destroy it. 

If you believe you know what the issue is and get stuff from the store for it, then find out you have the wrong pest, there is a good chance you have the wrong treatment. It will be ineffective and you’ll have to spend more money on more products.

The cost of purchasing multiple treatments quickly adds up.

  • Unsuccessful treatment

The wrong products lead to an unsuccessful treatment. But, even if you use the right products there is no guarantee you have eliminated the colony. It’s often hard to find and difficult to treat. Without eliminating the colony you won’t have solved the issue. Instead, you’ll enjoy a short period thinking you are pest free before it starts all over again. 

  • Your time

When looking at the cost you should consider how valuable your time is. For example, if you’re working to eliminate the pests instead of working your normal job, you’re losing your income as well as paying out for products.

In short, the cost can be significantly higher than you think.


It’s worth noting that the professionals are experts for a reason. They have the training and experience to locate where the pests are originating from and where they live within your home. This allows them to quickly target the source and eliminate the pest problem. It’s significantly faster than you placing traps and other products while hoping to get lucky.

The bottom line is simple, a professional will take care of the issue quickly, effectively, and even give you a guarantee. The same cannot be said if you adopt the DIY approach.

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