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Discover how to keep bathroom tiles clean with these easy DIY solutions for your next cleaning day.


A considerable part of a bathroom’s beauty can be found in the tiles chosen, which helps your space have a more appealing appearance, but everyone at least once in their lifetime experiences tile deterioration due to excessive dirt and mold formed in the grout that keeps them securely together.

DIY cleaning methods may not always provide the desired results when it comes to tile and grout. If you’re in need of reliable Tile and Grout Cleaning Near Me services, Finesse Pro Services is a trusted choice. Their experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle various types of tile surfaces and grout lines. By utilizing professional-grade cleaning solutions and equipment, they can thoroughly clean and restore your tile and grout, leaving them looking fresh and revitalized.

To help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams (and to stop searching “how to keep tile floors clean” and “how to keep grout clean” a million times a day), in this article, you can find the top 3 DIY tips for keeping tile and grout clean and looking new every time.

Squeegee & Homemade Shower Cleaner

The number one tip to keep grout and tile clean is to use a squeegee and a shower cleaner daily. It might sound like a tedious task, but it will be very beneficial in the long run. The squeegee helps drain the water, so they do not stay in between the tiles, while the shower cleaner helps prevent mold and other unwanted germs away from them. A good homemade shower cleanse can be done by mixing 4 parts of water with 1 of vinegar; daily cleaning your shower is ideal to keep tile and grout looking their best.


Pro tip: Keep both items nearby in your bathroom where you can see them, so you don’t forget to clean your shower daily. It might seem obvious, but many people tend to store them in a unique cabinet elsewhere in the house and completely forget they have them.

Water & Baking Soda

Another excellent combination for keeping your bathroom and other spaces in your house looking great. If you have been searching “how to keep grout white” or “how to keep bathroom tiles clean,” your magical solution has just arrived.


In a disposable bowl or container exclusively used for cleaning, mix baking soda with water to create a paste (first put some baking soda and then slowly add water until you reach the desired consistency). Next, grab an old toothbrush and brush the paste into the grout and start scrubbing. It is recommended to invest in quality cleaning gloves to protect your hands, though baking soda and water are not dangerous, but after a while, you might get itchy hands. After spending some time brushing, you can rinse everything with water and take a look at your new shiny white tiles.


Pro tip: To maximize this mixture’s efficiency, before scrubbing, try spraying a bit of vinegar onto the tiles. This will make the baking soda and water combination bubble up and make the paste even thicker, perfect for cleaning grout. This technique is used when tile and grout cleaning geelong comes across filthy floors that need extra attention.


As with any chemical mixture, even the ones just mentioned that are completely safe to make at home, it is always recommended to keep the door or a window open to allow the air to circulate.

Baking Soda + Hydrogen Peroxide & Dish Soap

This combination works wonders on tiles and grout in very few minutes. Simply mix ½ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and add 1 tablespoon of dish soap in a disposable container to form a paste and spoon it into the grout. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes to let the mixture start acting and then begin scrubbing; once you feel you’ve done a pretty good job, feel free to rinse with water and admire your just-like-new bathroom floor.


Baking soda is excellent for removing dirt stuck in the grout and tiles without damaging them, while hydrogen peroxide acts as a slightly less invasive bleach, which helps brighten the color of grout. Finally, dish soap helps eliminate grease that stays in your grout and takes away your tile’s shiny appearance.


Pro tip: Investing in an electric toothbrush exclusively for cleaning your tiles will help you spend less time scrubbing, and your elbows will be very thankful.

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