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Every item we buy for ourselves or our homes always has a significant part and meaning. It gives us a nostalgic feeling looking back to the time we got them, especially when you bought that item because of an important event in your lives. We also often keep things that have sentimental value to us. But not all the time nostalgia is a friend.


When you are decluttering your stuff, it is not always a good reason to keep plenty of useless items just because you’re attached to them. This will only appear as you are starting to hoard useless things. This article will let you learn about how the KonMari method works and also help you know some tips from the organizing queen, Marie Kondo.

Only Keep The Stuff That Brings You Joy

Cherish the things you love. When we’re organizing and decluttering, we often forget that some things we’re throwing away mean so much to us. Instead of focusing on throwing your stuff, one of the Marie Kondo tips is to have your things gather around you, bring each item into your hand and ask this question to yourself, “Does this spark joy?”.


If it doesn’t spark joy, then you must let it go. It is important when you are asking this question to yourself, you must touch and feel every item and let your emotions and body decide if this item still makes you happy. Having yourself surrounded by the only things that bring you happiness is also important.

Have An Order When Cleaning

In the KonMari method, it is efficient to have an order to follow when you are cleaning. You should clean the things around your house in order. According to the KonMari checklist, there are five categories when cleaning your belongings and the way to clean is to follow the order.


You start with your clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous and lastly sentimental items. You can also apply for this order when you are packing for traveling. With this method, it will make your organizing much easier and faster.

Commit Yourself To Tidy Up

Some people prefer to have a staggered schedule for cleaning up their houses, but according to Marie Kondo, it is better to have it done all at once. For you to finish the chore, you have to be committed. Allot some time to do the cleaning task and make sure to complete it all in a day.


Doing it this way can help avoid clutter in your house in the future and also saves you a lot of time and energy. Do this as a project for your home. Instead of doing this one room one day at a time, do all the tidying at once and start saving a date for your general cleaning.

Do It By Categories, Not By Rooms

One of the great pieces of advice of Marie Kondo is to clean your stuff according to its category. It is also the best way to organize your items by having them categorized properly. But when it comes to tidying up, you should always do it by categories and not by the location or room.


For example, when you start with clothes, you must take out all the clothes from every closet and drawers in each room of your house. Then start your way from there and after you finish it, follow the next category from your cleaning order.

Picture The Overall Outcome

When you are doing a project, you always have to visualize the result. Same in organizing and cleaning your house, you still need to set a goal and picture the overall outcome of your general cleaning. In that way, you’ll have control over what you want your home to look like.


This will make you more motivated and invested in keeping your house clean. It is more than just a cleaning exercise, it is a reflection of how you want your lifestyle to be and how you want to be viewed as a person. Having an organized and clean home has a huge effect on your mood or emotions, so start setting up your cleaning goals.


The KonMari method is a pretty big help for people who need to declutter their houses, especially to people who hoard things or go through tough times. It is also an excellent practice for all of us to let go of things that do not promotes happiness anymore. Doing it Marie Kondo way just made organizing more fun.


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