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Many companies stack moulds directly on the floor when the number of moulds is small, but as the company develops and the number of moulds gradually increases, stacking them directly on the floor can cause a lot of inconvenience. If the moulds are not stacked, the space is wasted. If the moulds are stacked, it reduces the floor space, but it is very troublesome to access them, so it is necessary to use mold racks to store all kinds of moulds. Mold racking is a three-dimensional structure that makes full use of the upper floor space and is equipped with drawers that can be pulled, making access to moulds very convenient.

Considering that many people do not know much about mold storage racking, here we will give you a brief introduction. Mold racking is a type of warehouse storage racking, the main purpose of which is to store all kinds of production moulds such as plastic moulds, hardware moulds and die-casting moulds. The main difference between mould racking and ordinary racking is that the racks are replaced with drawer boards. The drawers can be pulled out of the shelves with very little effort after the moulds have been stored, so there is no need to worry about space constraints to access the moulds. A picture of a standard mould rack is shown below so that you can understand.

Mold storage racks are made up of columns, slides, drawer panels, tie rods, locating pins and other components, which are connected by bolts and have a stable structure and strong load-bearing characteristics. Moulds are usually heavy, in order to facilitate access to moulds, mold racking is usually designed to match the line crane to achieve access to moulds, the line crane can slide left and right and the load capacity can reach 500kg.

Customers can choose whether to purchase light or heavy-duty mold storage racks by planning the load capacity of each level according to the number and weight of molds to be stored. As with other types of warehouse storage racking, the die racking can be customized to suit the customer’s needs. If there is a greater requirement for load capacity then there is also the option of customizing full opening mold storage racks.

Classification of mould storage racks.

Depending on the layer loading capacity they can be divided into light-duty mold racking (standard mold racking) and heavy-duty mold racking (fully open mold racking). The top of the shelf can be equipped with a traveling crane to facilitate the lifting of molds. Heavy-duty mold racking uses heavy-duty racking as the overall frame, with rails and drawer panels installed on the column pieces of the shelf.

Features of mold racks.

1, combined assembly, mainly consists of column pieces, guide slots, drawer layers, tie rods, positioning pins, etc., using bolted connections, stable structure, safe and reliable, generally used in rows to form a molded storage racking system.

2, The drawer layer is mainly composed of slides and drawer panels. Each slide rail is fixed by two bearings front and back and can be rolled in the guide groove at will, with little resistance, so that the drawers can be pulled out easily.

3, For safety reasons, the drawer panels of the die shelves are designed with positioning pins and limit pins to ensure the safety of the drawer panels when they are pulled out.

4, Due to the high weight of the molds, the corresponding layer load of the mold shelving is also high. Light duty drawer racks have a load capacity of 200 to 800kg per layer and heavy-duty drawer racks have a load capacity of 800 to 1500kg per layer, in addition to the different layer loads that can be customized according to customer requirements.

5, Mold racking covers a small area, has a high load capacity and is relatively easy to operate. Mold shelving covers a small area, but the multi-level space can store many molds. For example, 1.8 square meters can store dozens of sets of medium-sized molds, so not only can effectively save space, but also facilitate the management and maintenance of molds.

6, mold shelving is a combination of assembly, both in the installation and disassembly or in the transport process is very convenient.

6, Save space, each drawer panel can put more than one set of molds, convenient for mold maintenance management and search.

In China, there are many manufacturers of die racks, in order to avoid different manufacturers producing different sizes of mold racks, and bearing capacity, each mold rack manufacturer according to the size and weight of common molds, determines the standard size of the mould rack, namely L3100 * D600 * H2000mm, 3 compartments and 4 layers, bearing capacity of 1000kg per layer.

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