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Planning a Date Night? How to Set the Mood

Although extroverted, naturally outgoing men definitely have their positive points, sometimes there’s just something about a shyer, more soft-spoken guy. Shy, reserved sugardaddies often turn out to have the most incredible personalities. Think rich inner lives, deep emotions, and values that mean absolutely everything to them.

In other words, falling for a shy guy is the easiest thing in the world. It’s getting him to open up and let you into his wonderful inner world that’s challenging, as shy men are typically very choosy about who they get close to. Here are a few tips for ensuring you make the cut.

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Don’t be afraid to channel your own shy side.

Quiet, shy sugar daddies are generally most comfortable around other people who are similarly reserved, so this is a good opportunity to channel your inner wallflower. Don’t avoid making eye contact or taking the initiative to talk to him. But do play up the parts of your personality that might show him you two have something in common.

Whether you’re chatting up a shy coworker or looking to get a little closer to a potential sugar daddy who’s the strong, silent type, the key to success is to make him comfortable. Show him his quiet heart and wonderful mind are 100 percent safe with you.

Let your body do some of the talking.

Shy guys don’t like to waste their energy on cultivating connections with other people that won’t turn out to be meaningful. So even the most confident among them wants to see a little something from a woman that shows him she’s actually interested in getting to know him better.

Maintain open, friendly body language when you’re around him. If you happen to catch his eye from across a room, be sure to smile or wave in a friendly, inviting way. Don’t be afraid to let him catch you checking him out a little, either. Anything that lets him know you’re definitely interested is a great way to get onto a shy guy’s radar.

Don’t play hard to get.

Aggressive, outgoing, competitive sugar daddies are suckers for women who pay a little hard to get and aren’t afraid to tease them a little. When they have to work a little for something, the reward is that much sweeter for it, and that includes in regards to their dating lives. However, shy or quiet guys are wired completely differently.

If you’ve got your sites set on a shy guy, do flirt with him, but don’t play the tease. Don’t be the type of woman who runs hot and cold, either. All that’s going to do is make him second-guess himself and wonder whether you’re actually worth the trouble after all. Be open and easy to read instead.

Smile and laugh like it’s your job.

Everyone’s instantly more at ease when they’re around happy, easygoing people who love life and welcome any chance to laugh a little more. That definitely includes any shy men you might have your eye on. So don’t be afraid to relax, smile, be yourself, and enjoy the moment when you’re around men like that.

Laughter has the power to put just about anyone at ease, and a warm, genuine smile is positively contagious. So smile a lot, and go out of your way to make him laugh or otherwise show him you have a great sense of humor. Once he knows he can laugh with you, it’s just a matter of time before he’s totally comfortable flirting with you and eventually taking things to another level.

Know that consistency is key.

Remember, shy, reserved guys who are sugar dating don’t like to be left guessing as to how someone else actually feels about them, so being inconsistent in the hopes of piquing someone’s interest is not the way to go here. Even an affluent, successful, confident man who’s total sugar daddy material won’t go for that if he’s also a shy guy at heart.

Most sugardaddies tend to mistake simple friendliness for flirting when it comes from a woman they’re interested in, but shy guys tend to do the opposite. They assume a woman’s just being friendly unless she makes it really clear she’s interested in something more. So be super-consistent when spending time around your shy guy. Don’t come on too strong, but do make sure there’s no room for error when it comes to the fact that you’re interested.

When dealing with shy people, especially shy men, patience is key. So is acceptance. Shy people do crave connection with others to the same extent anyone would, but they’re not secretly hoping someone will come along and try to transform them into the life of the party. They want to be appreciated for who they are to the same extent anyone else does, so love them for that. They’ll be sure to pay that back tenfold.

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