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Every aspect of air travel has significantly changed amidst pandemic times, especially for international trips from abroad to India. Thanks to Covid-19, that made the government of India impose extra entry procedures for foreign travelers flying to India. The criteria vary from one province to the next and are liable to change rapidly.

You should complete those terms to travel by plane, or else you may also be denied entry. The Indian government has released new instructions along with some essential documents to carry for overseas travelers. It becomes a tedious task to stay updated with the latest information and knowledge about the required documentation.

This is where some flight booking websites assist you with comprehensive and recent news. Such sites will give you apt information and great deals that will let you book cheap flights to India.

Listed below are some of the import must-have paperwork and formalities to be completed while traveling to India:

Self Declaration- Following the new rules, travelers must submit their self-declarations on the Air Suvidha portal 24 hours before their departure. To authenticate, all travelers should bring a hard copy of a verified self-declaration form. Passengers flying to India would also undergo self-verification molecular testing upon entrance at Airports across India.

Covid-19 Negative Rt-PCR Test– According to the revised regulations, all travelers must submit their coronavirus negative report before entry at least one day in advance. Travelers with certified Covid Negative RTPCR test results will only be permitted to fly.

All travelers must carry an original document of a legitimate Covid Negative test result conducted before three days of flying for documentation. While entering, all foreign travelers from or passing via the United Kingdom, the Middle East countries, New Zealand, South Africa, European nations, Brasil, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and China must undergo a self RT-PCR test.

Visa– All international citizens planning to travel to India as tourists would be only able to do so with an e-Tourist visa or visitors Visa via hired airline company. This travel Visa service will be available to Travellers Visas/e-Tourist Visas granted by or on the 6th of October, 2021.

Visas applications before 6th October 2021 may not be permitted to fly to India. International citizens must use their tourism visas/e-tourist visas within three months since the time it was issued.

New Travel Visas/e-Tourist Visas are applicable for around one month from the date of registration for a particular application. International travelers will only be allowed to fly to India only through authorized immigration aircraft. Various ticket booking sites will provide comprehensive data regarding the same while searching for cheap flights to India.

Thermal inspections, verification of negative Covid-19 results, and submission of related documents are all specific state mandates. If you do not adhere to all these guidelines, you could be refused permission to fly or visit India.

Travelers must also sign a declaration acknowledging the test report’s validity, and if discovered to be false, they will face criminal charges. Due to the regulatory requirements frequently being modified by the state/federal governments in response to the rapidly changing pandemic situation, travelers must verify all current government instructions and documentation before scheduling flights to avert any inconvenience.

Every traveler is accountable for examining and complying with government entrances restrictions and documents. If you do not adhere to the protocols and guidelines, you may encounter difficulties at the places of entry or arrival. The right booking site will facilitate its customers to access convenient and cost-effective travel.

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