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Yes, CBD oil works very well in chronic pain management. People have been using CBD and its derivatives for thousands of years in order to treat a plethora of pain issues. Have a look at some possible benefits of CBD oil in pain management:

Arthritis Pain

According to the latest study in the European Journal, CBD oil can help people with arthritis manage their pain. In this study, researchers make use of a topical gel containing CBD to rats with arthritis for about 4 days. Researchers noted a noteworthy drop in signs of pain and inflammation, without any additional side effects.

People who are using CBD oil for arthritis may find some relief from their pain management, but more studies on the human need to be done further in order to confirm these findings.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis also known as MS is an autoimmune disorder that influences the entire body within the brain and nervous system. Acute muscle spasms (AMS) are one of the most common signs of Multiple sclerosis. In addition to this, the level of spasm can be so great that it causes constant pain in some people.

A recent report found that short-term use of CBD could lessen the levels of spasticity a person believes. The results of this test are modest, but a plethora of people reported a reduction in symptoms. Some more studies on human beings are required to verify all these results.

Chronic pain

The same report also studied the use of CBD oil for general chronic pain. Researchers conducted a test and compiled the results of multiple systematic reviews including dozens of studies and trials. The research of this test decided that there is solid evidence that cannabis is an efficacious treatment for severe chronic pain in adults.

A different study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine also supports these results. It suggests that using CBD oil can decrease inflammation and pain. In addition, the researchers found that subjects were not likely to increase a tolerance to the effects of CBD oil, so they would not be required to enhance their dose constantly. They perceived that cannabinoids, such as CBD oil, could give helpful new medications for people with severe chronic pain.

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