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Sex dolls have gained immense popularity in recent years. People are more open to explore their sexuality by using different types of sex dolls. But a big debate started with the question of their safety. Many people have multiple sex partners or have sexual encounters with various people simultaneously. So, is it safe for them to share the same sex dolls? Yes, you can ensure safety if you are ready to take precautions. Mostly, sexually transmitted diseases spread due to direct contact of bodily fluids. But, if you sterilise your sex dolls and avoid direct connections, you can prevent its spread. 

Follow basic hygiene practices:


If you have multiple partners, the first step towards safety is to wash your sex dolls thoroughly after each use. Even though it will hurt the life of your sex doll, it will help you get rid of the majority of harmful viruses. However, you might not get rid of them all in one wash. So, it is better to leave them unused for the next 24 hours to reduce further the chances of it being contaminated.  

Even though you are following these measures, there is a small risk. So, make sure to be aware of them and try to employ all safety measures.  Ask yourself, is it worth the risk? So make sure to never compromise on basic hygiene practices. To make it work, do make sure to take a shower before having sexual encounters. After all, it would be pointless to clean a sex doll, and not clean yourself before going to a different partner. 

Be honest with your partner:

Make sure to talk to your partner about your sexual encounters. You can reduce the chances of getting affected by sexually transmitted diseases if you don’t keep it a secret. Traditionally, talking about sex is thought of a taboo, but in reality, talking about it does not affect you. Let him know that you went solo or had a partner who used the doll. It would take you a minute to tell the truth, but it can help you save an infection that might occur. 


If you have an STD, keeping it a secret is the biggest mistake you can make. Let your partner know about it, and there are many ways in which they can be tackled positively. You can prevent the spread of STD if you share its presence and take the required measures, instead of keeping it a secret. So, don’t hesitate anymore, and talk it out to your partner. Your simple lie can cost you your partner’s health.


Use protection:


You can prevent chances of spread through sex dolls with a simple yet effective measure. By using a contraceptive like a condom, you can avoid direct contact with the fluids of your partner. Research has proved that the use of condoms is useful in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). By using a condom, you can have sex with multiple partners without fear of being a carrier of STD. Dont assume that nothing would happen by doing it one time, as if the disease spread you would have to bear its consequences. 


Remember, that taking a birth control pill of using a contraceptive that doesn’t create a physical barrier is not effective in stopping the spread. You need to use a male or female condom that separates your bodily fluids from getting direct contact. It is proved to be effective in stopping the spread of diseases like HPV, HIV, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, and many more. A one time fun is not worth the risk, so use a proper contraceptive measure. 


Have a separate doll for each partner:


The best way to avoid getting in touch with these diseases is to prevent them from getting in contact with multiple partners. You can do it by having different love dolls for each partner. Even though you would still need to clean them regularly, it will significantly reduce the chances of spreading STD. Moreover, another reason why it is good to have separate sex doll is the fact that different people like to use a different type of sex dolls. So, you should choose the sex dolls after consulting with your partner. It will help you to have a personalised experience. You can check out our website to find the sex doll that suits you and your partner.


Do not overheat dolls while cleaning:


The biggest mistake people make while cleaning their sex dolls is that they put them into boiling water. Even if it kills all the viruses, it does damage your sex doll to a great extent. A damaged love doll can become a reason for disease transmission in itself. So, never overheat your love dolls. Make sure to clean them with little warm water and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can use various cleaning techniques, but avoid anything that can cause damage to your doll. 




Sharing a sex doll is safe unless you are not aware of the right way to do it. You need to understand how harmful it can get for your or your partner to use a sex doll without taking precautions. At any time, you should give the highest priority to your safety and hygiene so that you can stay fit and enjoy your sexual life. Talk to your partner, and let them know about your sexual encounters. Help them understand why you need to take precautions, and it will benefit their safety. Moreover, do use sex dolls with condoms to avoid direct contact. 


Always clean your sex dolls, but make sure to do it with care. Do not use harsh products and make sure to avoid things that can damage the body of your sex doll. Try to get separate sex dolls for your different partners, and if it isn’t possible, then change your old sex dolls frequently with the new ones. You can find sex dolls on our website that can keep you engaged with your partner.

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